Ace Attorney Temporada 1 Episódio 20

Phoenix deduces the mystery behind the crime scene, explaining that a bust of Max was dropped on Berrys head when he attempted to open a heavy box. When the bust was pulled back up, it latched onto Maxs costume, leading Moe to mistake it for Max himself. Believing Acro, who lives directly above the scene, is the only one who could have committed the crime, Phoenix brings out the threatening note, explaining how it relates to the incident six months ago. He reveals that the reason Bat was attacked was because the scarf Regina gave him was covered in pepper, which caused Leon to sneeze and bite down on him, meaning that Acros intended target was Regina. As the decisive evidence, the bust, appears to be nowhere to be found, Phoenix deduces that Acro has been hiding it inside his wheelchair, leading Acro to admit his guilt. Afterwards, as Moe takes over as the Big Berry Circus ringmaster, Gumshoe gets in contact with Edgeworth.