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Ace Attorney (2016)


O advogado iniciante Naruhodou Ryuuichi levanta-se para salvar seus clientes provando suas inocências nos casos mais incomuns! O réu é culpado ou inocente? Acreditando na inocência de seu cliente, Naruhodou vai à corte e batalha seus juízes rivais. Com a palavra objeção! e evidências limitadas, Naruhodou dá à volta por cima quando todas as chances estão contra ele e parece que não há mais nada a fazer. Não perca as cenas cômicas entre ele e seu mentor Ayasaho Chihiro, sua assistente Asayato Mayoi e seu promotor rival Mitsuguri Reiji e várias personagens únicas! O anime também mostrará a relação de infância entre Naruhodou e seus amigos. Com as habilidades que herdou de seu mentor, Naruhodou revela a verdade!

Masashi Tamaki

Masashi Tamaki

Reiji Mitsurugi (voice)
Yuki Kaji

Yuki Kaji

Ryuuichi Naruhodou (voice)
Aoi Yuki

Aoi Yuki

Mayoi Ayasato (voice)
Saori Yumiba

Saori Yumiba

Mei Karuma (voice)
Akio Otsuka

Akio Otsuka

Gou Karuma (voice)
Ben Hiura

Ben Hiura

Judge (voice)
Chie Nakamura

Chie Nakamura

Chihiro Ayasato (voice)
Masami Iwasaki

Masami Iwasaki

Keisuke Itonokogiri (voice)
Toru Nara

Toru Nara

Masashi Yahari (voice)
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Ace Attorney11

1 - The First Turnabout

Naruhodo Ryuichi (Phoenix Wright), attorney at law, sets foot in a courtroom for his very first trial... in which he has to defend his best friend?!

Ace Attorney12

2 - Turnabout Sisters - 1st Trial

A shocking murder leaves Mayoi (Maya), little sister of Chihiro (Mia), in a situation Naruhodo (Phoenix) cannot ignore.

Ace Attorney13

3 - Turnabout Sisters - 2nd Trial

The trial for the chiefs murder begins. Will Naruhodo (Phoenix) be able to get Mayoi (Maya) out of this?

Ace Attorney14

4 - Turnabout Sisters - Last Trial

The case reaches its climax, as Naruhodo (Phoenix) and Konaka (White) look to get each other convicted.

Ace Attorney15

5 - Turnabout Samurai - 1st Trial

Popular television hero Steel Samurai is arrested for murder, and its down to Naruhodo (Phoenix) and Mayoi (Maya) to defend him.

Ace Attorney16

6 - Turnabout Samurai - 2nd Trial

The investigation on the Steel Samurai case turns to a new direction, as the security ladys information gives our attorneys a valuable lead.

Ace Attorney17

7 - Turnabout Samurai - Last Trial

Will the true culprit of the Steel Samurai case be caught? And why did they do it?

Ace Attorney18

8 - Turnabout Goodbyes - 1st Trial

The body of a man shot dead is found in Gourd Lake, and the suspect is none other than...

Ace Attorney19

9 - Turnabout Goodbyes - 2nd Trial

The trial begins, and the god of prosecutors immediately shows off his immense prowess.

Ace Attorney110

10 - Turnabout Goodbyes - 3rd Trial

Things are looking desperate, as a guilty verdict looms on the horizon. Will the secret behind this case be revealed?

Ace Attorney111

11 - Turnabout Goodbyes - 4th Trial

Will the defense be able to prove the guilt of the real culprit? And how will they do it?

Ace Attorney112

12 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Last Trial

Turnabout Goodbyes reaches to its shocking conclusion!

Ace Attorney113

13 - Turnabout Promise

With the DL-6 Incident and the lunch money case now solved, memories of fifteen years ago come flooding back.

Ace Attorney114

14 - Reunion and Turnabout - 1st Trial

A while after the last case, a new client arrives with the request to attend a channeling ritual.

Ace Attorney115

15 - Reunion and Turnabout - 2nd Trial

Gumshoe gives his testimony, explaining that Grey was first stabbed before being shot by his own pistol. He presents Mayas ceremonial robes, which are covered in blood and have a hole in the sleeve. While Franziska claims that bullet hole is irrelevant, Phoenix notices the hole is missing a gunpowder burn that would appear if it was shot at close range. Lotta is then brought to the stand, presenting the photo she had taken of Maya when entering the crime scene. Phoenix notices that the person in the photo is missing the head ornament Maya was wearing, believing that another person was impersonating Maya. As Phoenix struggles to prove how this additional person entered the locked room, Pearl manages to channel Mia, who reminds Phoenix of the room key Pearl gave him, which proves the possibility of another person.

Ace Attorney116

16 - Reunion and Turnabout — 3rd Trial

While returning to Kurain, Pearl explains to Phoenix how, when the murder took place, she was in an outdoor walkway trying to repair a sacred urn that she had accidentally broken. After speaking with Morgan, who explains how Maya was supposed to be next in line to inherit the channeling school following Mistys disappearance, Phoenix finds a piece of Mayas outfit in the incinerator where Pearl found the key. Coming across Lotta again, Phoenix finds a clothes basket with a hole in it, while Lotta gives him information on Ini, revealing she was in the same car accident as Mimi and had to undergo reconstruction surgery. As Phoenix questions Ini about the incident, Morgan goes with the police to join the investigation. On the second day of the trial, Phoenix asks Pearl to channel Mia again so that she doesnt hear what happens during the trial. The trial begins with Morgan testifying against Maya, claiming she fled from the channeling room after committing the murder, before Ini is brought to the stand.

Ace Attorney117

17 - Reunion and Turnabout — Last Trial

Ini claims that Maya, possessed by Mimi, came to see her in the side room following the murder. However, Phoenix finds this claim to be false, as she would have encountered Pearl trying to fix the urn in the walkway. Putting together the evidence, Phoenix deduces that Ini was hiding in the clothes basket in the channeling chamber, where she knocked out Maya and stabbed Grey, who used the last of his strength to try and shoot her. He further deduces that Morgan was her accomplice, helping her to frame Maya and dispose of evidence. Tasked with finding a motive for committing such a complicated murder, Phoenix questions Ini about the car accident, deducing from her statement that she is actually Mimi, who had been reconstructed with Inis face following the accident that took the real Inis life. Mimi reveals that she had hoped to escape her history of medical negligence following the accident, but when Greys decision to hold a channeling ritual threatened to expose her, Morgan came up with the murder plan in order to frame Maya and have Pearl become the head of the Kurain school. Following the trial, as Morgan is arrested and the channeling school is temporarily closed, Pearl encourages Maya to return to Phoenixs side.

Ace Attorney118

18 - Turnabout Big Top — 1st Trial

Phoenix and Maya go to see the Berry Big Circus show headlined by magician Max Galactica. The next day, they discover that Max has been accused of murdering the circus ringmaster, Russell Berry, though Max states he is innocent, as he was discussing his salary with him. After meeting Berrys daughter, Regina, Phoenix and Maya hear about the crime from Gumshoe, who claims that Maxs ability to fly places him as the prime suspect as only the victims footprints were found. Finding that most of the staff seem to also suspect Max because of his cocky attitude, they hear from Moe the Clown that Max allegedly hit Ben the ventriloquist with a bottle the other day. While looking through Berrys office, they find the contract that Max had mentioned to be dated a week prior to the meeting. Phoenix threatens to drop Maxs defense, prompting Max to confess his strained relationship with the other performers, convincing Phoenix to change his mind. Phoenix ends up chasing a monkey to one of the performers rooms, where they find a bust of Max and a diamond ring, which allegedly belongs to Bens puppet, Trilo. Speaking through Trilo, Ben claims that he saw Max heading to the crime scene on the night of the murder, but Phoenix points out that he wouldve had to see the ringmaster too. Trilo rebukes Phoenix, saying he wasnt the only witness to the incident.

Ace Attorney119

19 - Turnabout Big Top — 2nd Trial

As the trial begins, Gumshoe explains the strange circumstances of the case before Moe is brought to the stand as a witness, claiming that he saw Max flying off outside his window moments after Berrys murder. After the trial is postponed so that the prosecution can investigate how the murder occurred, Max reveals that he lent Berry his costume on the night of the murder. Revisiting the room they came across the previous day, Phoenix and Maya meet Ken Acro Dingling, an acrobat who lost the use of his legs six months ago, but he is dragged away by Franziska, who reveals she wants revenge against Phoenix for defeating Edgeworth. After hearing from Moe that Berry was angry about something on the morning of the murder, Phoenix checks his office and finds a threatening letter pertaining to an incident six months ago, calling Berry to the place where he was murdered. Asked about the incident, Moe explains how Acros brother, Bat, was put into a coma by Reginas pet lion, Leon, who was then shot by Berry. Regina then reveals that she found the note while returning from Acros room, leading Phoenix to suspect the note may be from Acro. As the trial resumes, Phoenix accuses Acro of being the one who plotted Berrys murder.

Ace Attorney120

20 - Turnabout Big Top — Last Trial

Phoenix deduces the mystery behind the crime scene, explaining that a bust of Max was dropped on Berrys head when he attempted to open a heavy box. When the bust was pulled back up, it latched onto Maxs costume, leading Moe to mistake it for Max himself. Believing Acro, who lives directly above the scene, is the only one who could have committed the crime, Phoenix brings out the threatening note, explaining how it relates to the incident six months ago. He reveals that the reason Bat was attacked was because the scarf Regina gave him was covered in pepper, which caused Leon to sneeze and bite down on him, meaning that Acros intended target was Regina. As the decisive evidence, the bust, appears to be nowhere to be found, Phoenix deduces that Acro has been hiding it inside his wheelchair, leading Acro to admit his guilt. Afterwards, as Moe takes over as the Big Berry Circus ringmaster, Gumshoe gets in contact with Edgeworth.

Ace Attorney121

21 - Farewell, My Turnabout — 1st Trial

During a Hero of Heroes Grand Prix event held at a hotel, one of the actors, Juan Corrida, is murdered, with the current Nickel Samurai actor, Matt Engarde, accused of the crime. Just after learning about the murder, Phoenix is contacted by someone known as Shelly de Killer, who reveals he has kidnapped Maya and will only release her if Phoenix can get Engarde acquitted within the trials first day. The next day, Phoenix interviews Engardes manager, Adrian Andrews, and investigates Corridas dressing room. Just before the trial the following day, Franziska is suddenly shot by a sniper hired by de Killer, prompting Edgeworth, who has returned from his long absence, to take her place on the prosecutors bench.

Ace Attorney122

22 - Farewell, My Turnabout — 2nd Trial

At the start of the trial, Gumshoe explains that, despite the obvious knife wound on the body, Corrida was actually killed by strangulation. Oldbag, who had been working security at the hotel, then testifies that she saw Engarde leave Corridas room, presenting a photo of the Nickel Samurai costume. Noticing that the person in the costume is shorter than Engarde, Phoenix accuses Adrian and calls her to the stand. She reveals that she had planned to hold a conference with Corrida in the Nickel Samurai costume, as he knew a secret about Engardes career. With Adrian refusing to testify and a lack of evidence to convict her, Phoenix is unable to stop the trial from becoming extended. After Phoenix manages to convince de Killer to give him more time, Edgeworth, learning about Mayas kidnapping from Phoenix, deduces from a calling card Adrian had picked up from the scene that Corrida was killed by de Killer, suspecting Engarde was the one who contracted him. Meanwhile, Maya manages to briefly break out of the basement and find a framed photo of someone before de Killer catches her again. Inspecting the crime scene again, Phoenix and Edgeworth discover a hidden camera hidden in one of the teddy bears, discovering Engarde was the one sent it. When confronted about it, Engarde reveals to Phoenix that he is indeed the one who contracted de Killer to kill Corrida.

Ace Attorney123

23 - Farewell, My Turnabout — 3rd Trial

Revealing that he hid the camera as insurance against de Killer, Engarde reminds Phoenix about what will happen to Maya if he fails to secure a not guilty verdict. As Edgeworth asks Phoenix to think about what the right thing to do is, they hear the sound of Engardes pet cat over de Killers radio, leading them to Engardes mansion. Although Maya is nowhere to be found by the time they get there, they discover a photo of Adrians sister, Celeste, and a message from Maya telling Phoenix to find Engarde guilty no matter the cost. The next day, as Edgeworth brings in Adrian to testify about a teddy bear that was removed from the crime scene, Pearl manages to use Mia to inform Gumshoe about Mayas current whereabouts. Adrian explains that the bear was a gift to Corrida from Celeste, who hung herself after being dumped by Corrida after he learned about her relationship with Engarde. She further reveals that Corrida was planning to reveal Celestes suicide note to the public during the conference, leading Adrian to tamper with the crime scene in order to implicate Engarde. As the note is revealed to be inside the bear that was taken from the scene, Phoenix calls for the note to be analyzed to buy some time. Gumshoe manages to find some evidence left behind by Maya, but ends up getting into a traffic accident en route to the courtroom, where de Killer decides to testify over a transceiver.

Ace Attorney124

24 - Farewell, My Turnabout — Last Trial

De Killer claims that Adrian is his client, but exposes his lie when he wrongly assumes her to be a man. Just as de Killer adjusts his testimony and Engarde is about to be declared innocent, Franziska arrives with the video disk Gumshoe had picked up, containing footage of de Killer killing Corrida. Turning his thinking around, Phoenix shows the video to de Killer, revealing that Engarde had been planning to use it to blackmail him. Realizing he has been betrayed, de Killer cancels his contract with Engarde, choosing him as his next target, and releases Maya. Terrified for his own safety, Engarde is forced to confess his guilt. After the trial, as Franziska is baffled over Phoenix being happy with a guilty verdict, Edgeworth states that his battles with Phoenix have taught him that trust between attorneys and prosecutors is necessary in order to find the truth. As Maya is reunited with Phoenix, Edgeworth sees Franziska off at the airport.