Ace Attorney Temporada 1 Episódio 16

While returning to Kurain, Pearl explains to Phoenix how, when the murder took place, she was in an outdoor walkway trying to repair a sacred urn that she had accidentally broken. After speaking with Morgan, who explains how Maya was supposed to be next in line to inherit the channeling school following Mistys disappearance, Phoenix finds a piece of Mayas outfit in the incinerator where Pearl found the key. Coming across Lotta again, Phoenix finds a clothes basket with a hole in it, while Lotta gives him information on Ini, revealing she was in the same car accident as Mimi and had to undergo reconstruction surgery. As Phoenix questions Ini about the incident, Morgan goes with the police to join the investigation. On the second day of the trial, Phoenix asks Pearl to channel Mia again so that she doesnt hear what happens during the trial. The trial begins with Morgan testifying against Maya, claiming she fled from the channeling room after committing the murder, before Ini is brought to the stand.