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Blossom (1997)


Blossom é uma garota muito inteligente e sarcástica, que ainda mora com seu pai e seus dois irmãos. A história começa quando sua mãe larga tudo para viver sua própria vida, e seu pai começa a tentar reestruturar a família. O pai de Blossom, Nick é um músico amador, que ganha a vida tocando pelos mais diferentes lugares. Seu irmão Anthony é um ex-viciado, que luta para se recuperar, e Joey, seu outro irmão, se julga um garoto perfeito.

Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik

Blossom Russo
Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence

Joey Russo
Michael Stoyanov

Michael Stoyanov

Anthony Russo
Jenna von Oy

Jenna von Oy

Six LeMuere
Ted Wass

Ted Wass

Nick Russo
Barnard Hughes

Barnard Hughes

Buzz Richman
Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Carol Russo
Samaria Graham

Samaria Graham

Shelly Lewis Russo
Courtney Chase

Courtney Chase

Kennedy Russo
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2 - Blossom Blossoms

Blossom reaches puberty and substitutes an older friend for her absentee mother to talk about it.


3 - My Sister's Keeper

Blossom looks forward to her first prom date, with Joeys friend Bobby, but after Joey warns him about Bobbys reputation as a ladies man, Nick forbids her to go out with him.


4 - Dad's Girlfriend

Blossom cant stand her dads new girlfriend.


5 - Who's In Charge Here?

Nick leaves Blossom in charge of home one night while he performs on a cruise ship, and her imagination kicks into high gear when she sees Anthonys new girlfriend Stephanie stealing a family heirloom but is afraid to tell him for fear he will be driven back to drugs.


6 - Sex, Lies and Teenagers

While Nick is disturbed by Blossoms increasing interest in sex, she sneaks off to a make-out party with Six and two boys.


7 - I Ain't Got No Buddy

Blossom feels left out when Six befriends a chic new student. The kids keep Nick from seeing his divorce papers.


8 - Thanks for the Memorex

Prompted by old home movies Blossoms has transferred to video, the family retreats to the cabin by the lake where theyd shared happier times in the past.


9 - The Geek

Blossom blames herself for getting tricked into a date for the homecoming dance with a school geek. Joey wants to get his drivers license.


10 - Tough Love

Nick gives Anthony an ultimatum: get a job or get out of the house.


11 - Such a Night

Blossom leans on Six for support while calling a boy for a date. Anthony tries to help a friend stay sober. Nick gives Joey a hard lesson in mathematics.


12 - School Daze

Against her fathers wishes, Blossom plans to drop out of her snooty private school and enroll in public school. Joey schemes to pass a history test.


13 - Papa's Little Dividend

Blossom and Six spy on a woman who claims a rattled Nick is the father of her child. Anthony preps for a blind date.


14 - Love Stinks!

Its bye-bye love for Blossom when a guy shes been yearning to see again tells her hes found someone else.