Black Dog

Black Dog (2019)


Ko Ha-Neul dreamed of becoming a teacher, due to a teacher who helped her when she was young. Ko Ha-Neul now begins work as a temporary teacher at a private high school. While working there, she interacts with many people, including teachers Park Sung-Soon and Do Yeon-Woo. Both of whom are dedicated to their teaching jobs. Meanwhile, Ko Ha-Neul faces different problems at the school. As she works through those problems, Ko Ha-Neul grows as a person and a teacher.

Seo Hyun-jin

Seo Hyun-jin

Go Ha-neul
Ra Mi-ran

Ra Mi-ran

Park Seong-soon
Ha Jun

Ha Jun

Do Yeon-woo
Lee Chang-hoon

Lee Chang-hoon

Bae Myeong-soo
Lee Yoon-hee

Lee Yoon-hee

Lee Seung-taek
Kim Hong-pa

Kim Hong-pa

Byeon Sung-joo
Ye Soo-jung

Ye Soo-jung

Yoon Yeo-hwa
Jo Yeon-hee

Jo Yeon-hee

Kim Yi-boon
Jung Hae-kyun

Jung Hae-kyun

Moon Soo-ho
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Black Dog11

1 - Welcome to Daechi High School

Ha Neul has witnessed the cold reality of being a short-term teacher herself. The teacher who saved her life at an unfortunate school field trip accident was never fully compensated nor recognized by the school. However, she aspires to become a teacher one day and takes her first step into her first school. Its Daechi High School.

Black Dog12

2 - Course Partners

Ha Neul is partnered up with Daechi High Schools biggest freak show, Kim Yi Boon. Shes a blunt and very rude teacher who already took advantage of Ha Neuls good-heart by forcing Ha Neul to share her lesson files shes been working on. Will Ha Neul be able to cooperate with her course partner in peace?

Black Dog13

3 - New Method of Teaching

Ha Neul is asked to make the class materials for Yi Boons class. Ha Neul comes up with a novel idea of teaching students which Yi Boon cannot understand. Meanwhile, upon Sung Soons request, an admissions officer from Yeonhui University comes to visit Daechi High School, but he turns out to be a newbie who doesnt know a thing about the university admissions system.

Black Dog14

4 - Who Will Leave the School?

For a permanent teacher whos coming back to the school from her vacation, one short-term teacher must leave the school. Everyone believes that it should be Ha Neul. Because of Song Young Tae, short-term teachers are in a tight spot in front of the students. Meanwhile, Soo Ho decides to track down teachers IP addresses to find out who posted about the corruption at Daechi High on the website.

Black Dog15

5 - Unexpected Offer

Sung Soon is confident that she can get exclusive information about Hankuk University admissions using her connection. However, things arent going smoothly. Ha Neul is given an unexpected offer by Young Tae. Meanwhile, Hae Won hears that Soo Ho has been suspecting him and trying to find out his laptop IP address.

Black Dog16

6 - Ms. Ko, the Whistle-Blower

After failing to get exclusive information about HanKuk University admissions using a connection, an issue arises about the advanced class. Ha Nuel finds out that there are advantages to specific students who got to learn the curriculum in advance. Knowing that the flaws exist both in the school system and teachers, Ha Nuel decides to tell everyone about them for students. Meanwhile, Ha Neul comes across what other teachers are doing with their after-school classes.

Black Dog17

7 - Midterm Exams

Ha Neul tries to convince Hae Won to speak to Soo Hyun about his exam questions for the upcoming Midterms. However, everyone tells Ha Neul that it is better to keep quiet and not stir up trouble. Meanwhile, Hae Won falls ill during the height of the Midterm prep season. After the exams, some students file a complaint about a question on the Senior Korean test.

Black Dog18

8 - The Banana Incident

Midterms are over, but some of the seniors have a complaint about one of the questions on the Korean test. All of Daechi Highs Korean teachers get together to discuss what to do about the question. They come to a conclusion after a heated debate, but Ha Neul cant seem to let go of her unease. Ha Neul, Yeon Woo, and Hae Won plan a secret meeting.

Black Dog19

9 - The College Applications Informational

A former Daechi High School teacher returns to the school as an admissions officer from Hankuk University. She is supposed to help out with the College Applications Informational, but everyone doubts whether she will help out wholeheartedly. Meanwhile, the news that an actual admissions officer will be speaking at the Informational attracts much attention from other teachers.

Black Dog110

10 - The Student Records

Summer break is over, and the student records season is officially in full swing. As Ha Neul is busy filling out student records, she notices students being unusually friendly out of the blue. At first, Ha Neul doesnt think much of it and is happy that her students like her. However, what she learns from Myung Soo comes as quite a surprise.

Black Dog111

11 - Early Admissions

As Daechi High School announces the openings for permanent teacher positions, Hae Won discovers who actually got hired through nepotism at the beginning of the school year. Meanwhile, the Early Admissions season is in full swing and Daechi High School is buzzing about which two students will get the recommendations for Hankuk University.

Black Dog112

12 - CSAT and Permanent Teacher Exams

Daechi Highs seniors finally take their CSATs as Ha Neul and Hae Won prepare to take their Permanent Teacher Exams. The early admissions results are out, and everyone is curious to see if someone from Daechi High will finally get accepted to Hankuk University. Meanwhile, the debate for whom to hire for the Korean department seems to have no end in sight.

Black Dog113

13 - Winter Vacation and New Positions for the Teachers

Ha Neul goes to Lady Songs noodle shop and runs into the boy who caused the accident. It turns out that he is a senior at Daechi High School. Meanwhile, Sung Soon is busy taking care of her son who is going into middle school and dealing with politics at Daechi High. Principal Byun offers her the position of head of School Administration and Sung Soon must make a choice.

Black Dog114

14 - A New School Year Begins

The Office of Education implements a new combined curriculum for both liberal arts and the sciences which confuses the students and teachers of Daechi High School. Meanwhile, Ha Neul meets Bo Tong again at school. In an attempt to understand Bo Tongs unpredictable behavior, Ha Neul finds out what happened between him and Sung Soon in the past.

Black Dog115

15 - Dropping Out

Bo Tong submits his withdrawal notice and Ha Neul contemplates what to do. Meanwhile, the teachers receive their evaluations and performance-based bonuses from the previous year which causes some to voice complaints. On top of that, Icarus receives backlash from students and parents alike, which leads to a vote to decide the clubs future.