Bem-vindo a Utmark

Bem-vindo a Utmark (2021)


Moram em uma pequena e remota cidade norueguesa: um xerife corrupto, um pastor alcoólatra, um contrabandista que ama a natureza, um pastor que odeia a Deus e um cafetão enlutado.

May-Linda Kosumovic

May-Linda Kosumovic

Marie Blokhus

Marie Blokhus

Stig Henrik Hoff

Stig Henrik Hoff

Tobias Santelmann

Tobias Santelmann

Niklas Gundersen

Niklas Gundersen

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Bem-vindo a Utmark11

1 - Eye for an Eye

After moving to the small town of Utmark, newcomer Kari finds herself in over her head. Meanwhile, tensions mount as Bilzi continues his attack on Finns flock – and affair with his wife Siri, who takes a leap with her daughter Marin.

Bem-vindo a Utmark12

2 - Dog Day

As bootleggers arrive in Utmark, Bilzi mourns a loss, Marin uncovers a dark secret, and Finn continues his downward spiral. Meanwhile, Stein makes a questionable investment.

Bem-vindo a Utmark13

3 - Everything Comes at a Price

As the feud between Bilzi and Finn boils over, Marin turns to Kari for help. Meanwhile, Stein faces a snag in his scheme, Håvard shares shocking news with Helene, and Sheriff Willman deals with mounting debts.

Bem-vindo a Utmark14

4 - Flesh and Blood

Just as Finn nears rock bottom, Stein forces him to take in an unwelcome guest. Bilzi takes control of his newfound family, while Willman attempts to hide his mounting debt from Ingrid.

Bem-vindo a Utmark15

5 - Ashes to Ashes

Kari opens up to Siri, while Bilzi struggles to hide a shameful truth. Elena finds new ways to earn her keep. Sheriff Willman struggles to hide his shame from Ingrid. The bootleggers face a dilemma.

Bem-vindo a Utmark16

6 - Cry Wolf

The men of Utmark go on a wolf hunt. Meanwhile, Marin does her best to defend her mother, Siri grows closer to Kari, and Finn finds himself with yet another questionable houseguest.

Bem-vindo a Utmark17

7 - Hello Darkness

As Bilzi reconnects with a figure from his past, Finn confides in Marin, and Siri grows closer to Kari. While Stein works through his grief, Willman experiences a win.

Bem-vindo a Utmark18

8 - And They Lived Happily Ever After

Tensions reach an all-time high as the annual church bazaar looms on the horizon, bringing spiritual issues – and secrets – to the surface.