As Crônicas de Spiderwick
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As Crônicas de Spiderwick (2024)

Ação & AventuraFamíliaAçãoAventuraDrama

Acompanha a família Grace – os gêmeos Jared e Simon, a irmã Mallory e a mãe Helen – que se mudam para a casa de seus ancestrais e começam a desvendar um sombrio mistério sobre seu tio-bisavô que uma vez descobriu o mundo secreto e talvez presunçoso das fadas que existem paralelamente ao seu.

Joy Bryant

Joy Bryant

Helen Grace
Noah Cottrell

Noah Cottrell

Simon Grace
Lyon Daniels

Lyon Daniels

Jared Grace
Mychala Lee

Mychala Lee

Mallory Grace
Jack Dylan Grazer

Jack Dylan Grazer

Thimbletack (voice)
Christian Slater

Christian Slater

Mulgarath / Dr. Dorian Brauer
Alyvia Alyn Lind

Alyvia Alyn Lind

Hunter Dillon

Hunter Dillon

Momona Tamada

Momona Tamada

Emiko Noizumi
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As Crônicas de Spiderwick11

1 - Welcome to Spiderwick

The Grace family moves to their ancestral home and discovers that magical creatures actually exist.

As Crônicas de Spiderwick12

2 - The Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You

When Aunt Lucinda goes missing, Helen leads the search, leaving Mallory in charge of her brothers at Spiderwick. Jared is obsessed with finding the magical creature he saw in the attic, enlisting everyones help to set a trap.

As Crônicas de Spiderwick13

3 - I Will Survive

Jared grows paranoid of the evil force conspiring to get Spiderwicks Field Guide. Taking Lucindas warning to heart, Jared wants to find the pages with Simon alone, but Emiko, Hatcher and Calliope cant help joining the adventure.

As Crônicas de Spiderwick14

4 - Tastes Like Chicken

A divide between the twins widens as they split up with Emiko and Hatcher to find more pages. Calliope tries to connect with Simon. Bree tries a different approach to fencing, forcing Mallory to get out of her head and throw a party.

As Crônicas de Spiderwick15

5 - A Midsummer;s Daydream

Simon goes to his father for help while Calliope takes Simon to a friend who turns out to not be so friendly. Helen finds unexpected support from Dr. Brauer when they discover their children are missing. Jared has to find the dragon page before Mulgarath.

As Crônicas de Spiderwick16

6 - 1028 Teeth

The Vorpal Sword is the one thing that can kill an ogre, but Mallory will have to trust Jared to acquire it. They risk it all by following a hag to the Goblin Market. Thimbletacks left to defend Spiderwick.

As Crônicas de Spiderwick17

7 - The Field Guide to Jared Grace

Held captive at Meskwaki, Jared holds his own against the ogre as Mulgarath pressures him for the dragon page. Mulgarath shares his origin story with Jared, trying to show that theyre more alike than he thinks.

As Crônicas de Spiderwick18

8 - The Wrath of Mulgarath

Mulgaraths plans are coming to fruition as townsfolk either succumb to the sleeping sickness or become the ogres servants. The gang launches a daring prison raid to rescue Jared. The Grace family must reunite to defeat Mulgarath.