As Crianças Estão Bem

As Crianças Estão Bem (2018)


Em meio às agitações dos anos 1970 nos Estados Unidos está uma família tradicional e de descendência irlandeses, cujo patriarca é pertencente à classe trabalhadora. Durante esse período importante da história do país, os oitos filhos dessa família começam a explorar o mundo e a descobrir mais sobre eles mesmos.

Sam Straley

Sam Straley

Lawrence Cleary
Caleb Foote

Caleb Foote

Eddie Cleary
Santino Barnard

Santino Barnard

Pat Cleary
Mary McCormack

Mary McCormack

Peggy Cleary
Sawyer Barth

Sawyer Barth

Frank Cleary
Andy Walken

Andy Walken

William Cleary
Michael Cudlitz

Michael Cudlitz

Mike Cleary
Jack Gore

Jack Gore

Timmy Cleary
Christopher Paul Richards

Christopher Paul Richards

Joey Cleary
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As Crianças Estão Bem11

1 - Pilot

The household is turned upside down when oldest son Lawrence returns home and announces hes quitting the seminary to go off and “save the world.” Times are changing and this family will never be the same.

As Crianças Estão Bem12

2 - Timmy's Poem

Timmy decides to enter a poetry contest to win the money he needs to repair his ventriloquist dummy; Lawrence complains that there are no fresh vegetables in the familys diet.

As Crianças Estão Bem13

3 - Microwave

Mike proudly introduces a new microwave to the Cleary household; Lawrence attempts to apply lessons from a psych class at school to psychoanalyze Mike and Peggy.

As Crianças Estão Bem14

4 - Peggy's Day Out

To hide a mess Eddie made, his girlfriend, Wendi, tries to distract Peggy by insisting she take a day off; Peggy accepts the offer and requests Wendi tag along, hoping to teach her a lesson; Pat introduces Timmy to his secret dog.

As Crianças Estão Bem15

5 - Boxing

Timmy must choose between his dads dreams for him and his own dreams of showbiz glory; feeling rusty after being at the seminary for so long, Lawrence asks Eddie to help prepare him for a date by taking him on a practice date.

As Crianças Estão Bem16

6 - Behind the Counter

Mike comes to the conclusion that Eddie is sexually active and takes it upon himself to give him advice; Joey and Timmy attempt to disrupt Franks plan to do free yardwork.

As Crianças Estão Bem17

7 - Little Cyst

Mike and Peggy debate whether they should have another child; Pat overhears that he is going to have a little sister, leading the kids to dig deeper into the situation.

As Crianças Estão Bem18

8 - Christmas 1972

When Peggys successful brother drops in for Christmas, Mike feels envious; Timmy mistakenly receives $100 from his great-aunt for Christmas; Eddie forgets to get Wendi a Christmas present.

As Crianças Estão Bem19

9 - The love list

The Cleary boys beg Peggy to tell them she loves them; Mike invites a co-worker to help compel a confession from the child who broke the dining room light fixture.

As Crianças Estão Bem110

10 - Showboat

Frank secretly helps design a set for a musical in which Timmy is performing; Mike grows increasingly concerned that Joey is heading down a shady moral path.

As Crianças Estão Bem111

11 - Mailbox

Eddie becomes distraught when Wendi breaks up with him over disagreements on how they want to handle their future; Peggy contemplates whether she has to sever ties with Wendi.

As Crianças Estão Bem112

12 - Vietnam

The Clearys feel conflicted when Lawrence and Eddie are drafted to serve in the Vietnam War; Mike and Peggy take matters into their own hands and try to derail Lawrence and Eddies decision to serve their country.

As Crianças Estão Bem113

13 - Valentine's Day

Peggy tries to trick Timmy into taking better care of his personal hygiene; Mike fears that Peggys meddling is causing Timmy to develop insecurities; Timmy receives a Valentines Day card from a secret admirer and becomes unnerved.

As Crianças Estão Bem114

14 - Happy Cecil

Mike and Peggy are stunned when they learn that Father Dunne has a girlfriend; Frank loses the church keys entrusted to him and must find them before anyone else does.

As Crianças Estão Bem115

15 - Nine Birthdays

Peggys knack for reusing wax from old birthday candles to make new ones lures her outside the home for the first time. Her newfound candle-making work takes up more time, prompting Mike to get angry that her focus is straying from the family and the domestic duties. Meanwhile, Timmy is determined to get audience tickets on his birthday for a taping of Boxcar Billys Hobo Jamboree in the hopes of making it on TV.

As Crianças Estão Bem116

16 - Wendi's House

Mike and Peggy are sympathetic when Wendis parents split up until Peggy realizes that Wendis parents left her in the house alone, leaving her and Eddie unsupervised; Joey goes under cover.

As Crianças Estão Bem117

17 - Low Expectations

Timmy enters a contest to appear on a TV show and takes matters into his own hands when he doesnt hear back; Peggy takes a driving test to get her license.

As Crianças Estão Bem118

18 - Peggy Drives Away

When Peggy storms out of the house without explanation after a mishap at the grocery store, Mike enlists Wendi to help find her.

As Crianças Estão Bem119

19 - Mass For Shut-ins

A concerned Peggy manipulates William into joining the church choir to keep him engaged in Catholicism after learning hes questioning his beliefs. Meanwhile, Timmy learns that the choir will be appearing on television and once again sees his opportunity to make his way into the spotlight. Elsewhere, Eddie and Joey are determined to get a hold of Led Zeppelin tickets but keep missing their chance.

As Crianças Estão Bem120

20 - Timmy's New Hobby

Peggy discovers that Timmy has a newfound and inappropriate hobby and urges Mike to talk to him about it even though he is reluctant to do so. Despite being uncomfortable, Mike attempts to have a conversation with Timmy about the topic and enlists Lawrences help in the matter. Elsewhere, Frank is determined to finally catch Joey in a lie.

As Crianças Estão Bem121

21 - Mike's Award

Peggys competitive side kicks in when she learns that Helens husbands professional accomplishments are getting high recognition, so she decides to get Mike into the limelight. Elsewhere, always seeking glory, Joey acts as Timmys manager to make sure he performs his magic act at the Pioneer Day Carnival, while Eddie is determined to prove to Frank that the carnival games arent all rigged.

As Crianças Estão Bem122

22 - Whales

After learning that donations are down at their church, Peggy grows concerned that the cutbacks will affect the nursing home where she is secretly housing a close relative. Mike and Peggy blame the low donations on Father Abdi and disagree with him about how to raise funds. Meanwhile, Joey pet-sits his friends snake and, in true Joey fashion, uses the snake to his advantage.

As Crianças Estão Bem123

23 - Irish Goodbye

Peggy struggles with Lawrences decision to move out of the house, especially after she discovers that he is secretly moving in with a girlfriend shes never met. Lawrences determination to keep Peggy out of his personal life only causes her to investigate further, while Mike welcomes his departure. Meanwhile, Timmy cant find his ventriloquist dummy, Knuckles, and learns that Joey took him without asking.