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Andrômeda (2000)

Action & AdventureDramaSci-Fi & FantasyTV-PG

Andromeda é uma série de TV baseado nas idéias de Star Trek criador por Gene Roddenberry e estrelado por Kevin Sorbo (Hércules).

Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo

Dylan Hunt
Lisa Ryder

Lisa Ryder

Beka Valentine
Laura Bertram

Laura Bertram

Trance Gemini
Gordon Michael Woolvett

Gordon Michael Woolvett

Seamus Harper
Lexa Doig

Lexa Doig

Andromeda Ascendant
Keith Hamilton Cobb

Keith Hamilton Cobb

Tyr Anasazi
Steve Bacic

Steve Bacic

Telemachus Rhade, Gaheris Rhade, Telemachus Rhade / Gaheris Rhade
Brent Stait

Brent Stait

Rev Bem
Brandy Ledford

Brandy Ledford

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1 - Under the Night (1)

Its the start of the war between the Systems Commonwealth and the Nietzschean fleets. Captain Dylan Hunt and his ship the Andromeda Ascendant try to flee the first Nietzschean attack to warn the Commonwealth. In his attempt to escape, the Andromeda and Captain Hunt are caught in the event horizon of a black hole and frozen in time for 300 years.


2 - An Affirming Flame (2)

Dylan and the crew of the Eureka Maru agree to join forces and become one team aboard the Andromeda Ascendant as they set forth on his mission to restore the Systems Commonwealth.


3 - To Loose the Fateful Lightning

Dylan inadvertently gives a group of child warriors power to destroy a solar system.


4 - D Minus Zero

Beka and Tyr square off against Dylan for leadership of Andromeda during a dangerous face-off with an unknown enemy.


5 - Double Helix

Captain Dylan Hunt must save the Andromeda from the Nietzscheans, who are trying to persuade Tyr to help them destroy the ship and rebuild his Nietzschean life. His new life would include a wife to carry on his lineage.


6 - Angel Dark, Demon Bright

Dylan is faced with a difficult decision when Andromeda slipstreams back in time -- days before the climactic battle of the Nietzschean Revolution where the Commonwealth was defeated and the Nietzschean Alliance was destroyed.


7 - The Ties That Blind

Bekas con-artist brother unexpectedly shows up claiming to be a devout Wayist making the Andromeda a prime target for Restorian attack.


8 - The Banks of the Lethe

Finally, after 300 years and a black hole keeping them apart, Captain Dylan Hunt reunites with his true love, Sara.


9 - A Rose in the Ashes

With their communication with the crew of the Eureka Maru completely cut off, Dylan and Rommie are forced into exile on a prison planet and must befriend fellow inmates to attempt any escape.


10 - All Great Neptune's Ocean

Tyr and Rommie are framed for the assassination of the Castalian president.


11 - The Pearls that Were His Eyes

Beka Valentine receives a distress call from her beloved Uncle Sid , but to her disdain realizes that he has become Sam Profit, a big business tycoon.


12 - The Mathematics of Tears

Andromeda encounters her damaged sister ship, the Pax Magellanic, that leads the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant on an eerie mission.


13 - Music of a Distant Drum

A crash landing on a strange planet leaves Tyr with a complete loss of memory and a mystery crate to protect from not-so-brotherly Nietzcheans.


14 - Harper 2.0

Harper finds himself overloaded with information when a dying Perseid transfers data into his brain.


15 - Forced Perspective

Dylan is taken captive and forced to admit that he killed the Mobius leader and overthrew the Mobius government more than 300 years ago.


16 - The Sum of Its Parts

A humanoid robot visits the Andromeda crew, helps them fight off a culture of organized machines and learns what it means to be a living being.


17 - Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way

Trance, Harper and their former employer Gerentex are unwilling partners on a wild ride to find a valuable artifact.


18 - The Devil Take the Hindmost

Rev Bem gets a call from a Wayist friend in need of his help to save the Hajira and its settlement, Serendipity, from being taken over by slavers.


19 - The Honey Offering

An arranged marriage between two rival Nietzschean Prides puts the Andromeda Ascendant in danger when Captain Dylan Hunt agrees to transport the bride to the wedding.


20 - Star-Crossed

Rommie falls in love with a surviving android (Michael Shanks) of a destroyed ship, only to be betrayed as he turns out to be the ultimate enemy.


21 - It Makes a Lovely Light

Beka jeopardizes the crew when she takes a mind-altering drug while attempting an exhaustive piloting mission that could bring Dylan to his long-lost home planet.


22 - Its Hour Come 'Round at Last (1)

When Harper accidentally overrides Andromedas personality with an older version, she hunts down the crew and goes on an old mission in which her former crew was slaughtered.