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Ana (2020)


Criada para ser bonita e famosa, a atriz Ana (Ana de la Reguera) tem uma crise da meia-idade ao perceber que sua vida não passa de uma fachada. Entre as muitas questões que precisa enfrentar, estão a maternidade, os relacionamentos fracassados e a dificuldade de conseguir bons papéis em Hollywood. Cansada de atender às expectativas de todos aos seu redor, ela embarca numa jornada de autodescoberta, explorando as muitas Anas que ela nunca ousou ser.

Ana de la Reguera

Ana de la Reguera

Paulina Dávila

Paulina Dávila

Eduardo España

Eduardo España

Tina Romero

Tina Romero

Andrés Almeida

Andrés Almeida

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1 - AmericANA

Ana attends a screen test for a movie that could be her big break in Hollywood. La Nena thinks she got the part, and prepares to celebrate it. Ana meets Chic, and reencounters Check.


2 - UnmANAgeable

An entertainment magazine puts Anas career in danger. Ana meets Chock, who awakens her first lesbian sexual desires. Ana befriends an Uber driver.


3 - LesbiANA

Ana signs autographs in a supermaket. She and Chock go to an exhibit on female ejaculation. Ana smokes a joint and enters a musical world where the simplest things adopt the shape of a vagina.


4 - MarihuANA

Ana posts a comment on LatinTubers social media. Papasito helps Ana build a character for an audition. He later takes her to a voguing house. Ana and Papasitos relationship reaches another level.


5 - VeracruzANA

Ana travels to Veracruz to visit Nena. With her childhood memories on one hand and her mothers control on the other, Ana struggles to hold onto her identity and refuses to fulfill her moms wishes.


6 - New Ana

Ana is trained to become an expert lesbian. She meets Chic again and they start dating. Ana dares to have a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time. At the end of the day, Check surprises her.


7 - BanANA

Ana finally has sex with the Californian. To pay her debts, she attends a morning TV show. Ana visits Papasito, the household is a mess. Papasito tells Ana the story of his life.


8 - ReANAlyzing

Anas 40th birthday is drawing near. She talks to Papasito about maternity. Ana visits a fertility clinic; she wants to freeze her eggs. As she waits her turn, she makes a drastic decision.


9 - VeterANA

Its Anas 40th birthday. Check, Chic and Chock meet for the first time. Ana spends the day looking for a dog in the park, and in a hospital. Once Ana arrives home, she gets her wish.


10 - HumANA

Check makes Ana an offer that seems too good to be true. Ana decides to spend Christmas in Los Angeles for the first time. Everything changes when she gets an unexpected visit from her agent.