Amor sem limites
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Amor sem limites (2020)


Quando era criança, Halil İbrahim perdeu o pai devido a uma rixa de sangue e foi exilado em Istambul. Vinte anos depois, ele retorna à sua terra natal, na região de Karadeniz, como um jovem bonito e poderoso. Ele planeja se casar com a garota que ama, Yasemin, e começar uma nova vida. Contudo, os acontecimentos não permitem isso. Halil İbrahim embarca em uma jornada de vingança e sua vida mudará completamente quando ele encontrar Zeynep, da família Leto.

Taner Turan

Taner Turan

Nesim Leto, Nesim Kulpa
Deniz Can Aktaş

Deniz Can Aktaş

Halil İbrahim
Miray Daner

Miray Daner

Burak Sergen

Burak Sergen

Rızvan Leto
Esra Dermancıoğlu

Esra Dermancıoğlu

Burak Sevinç

Burak Sevinç

Fikret Leto
Asuman Dabak

Asuman Dabak

Naz Çağla Irmak

Naz Çağla Irmak

Emre Bulut

Emre Bulut

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Amor sem limites11

1 - Episódio 1

Halil İbrahim, who lost his father as a young boy due to a blood feud and was exiled to Istanbul, returns 20 years later to his hometown in Karadeniz as a handsome, strong young man. He will marry Yasemin, the girl he loves, and build his new life. But events do not allow this. Halil İbrahim embarks on a journey of revenge, and his life will change completely with the appearance of Zeynep from Letos.

Amor sem limites12

2 - Episódio 2

Having lost Yasemin, the only thing that keeps Halil İbrahim alive is the fire of revenge. Halil İbrahims only target is the Letos, but the Letos will take Tarıks death out on everyone, guilty or innocent. Zeynep, whose good intentions cause even more deaths, tries to save herself from the cruelty of her family.

Amor sem limites13

3 - Episódio 3

Confronting Zeynep, Halil İbrahim, with her help, plans to turn Letos and the gendarmerie against each other and turn the war against him into a three-sided one. Even though the Letos seem to have left Halil İbrahim behind because of their own troubles, First Lieutenant Oğuz is on Halil İbrahims neck. Zeynep, who believes that she can get rid of Levent thanks to Halil İbrahims plan, is not yet aware that she has dug a deeper hole for herself.

Amor sem limites14

4 - Episódio 4

Halil İbrahim learns from First Lieutenant Oğuz who told Tarık Leto their location. When her father still forces her to marry despite all Levents cruelty towards her, Zeynep looks to her brother for help. When Fikret cant do anything, Zeynep asks Halil İbrahim to kidnap her on the day of her wedding. In return, Halil will bring Cevat, his fathers murderer, to avenge Ibrahim. Will Halil İbrahim be able to take his revenge and save Zeynep?

Amor sem limites15

5 - Episódio 5

Halil İbrahims kidnapping of Zeynep from her wedding causes polarization among the Letos. Fikret and Nedime, who want Zeynep to return home safely, try to convince Rızvan to extend a hand of peace to Halil İbrahim. Asiye is determined to get rid of Halil İbrahim, even at the cost of Zeyneps life. In this war, will the first to reach Halil İbrahim and Zeynep be a friend or an enemy?

Amor sem limites16

6 - Episódio 6

When Zeynep threatens to expose her father for all her familys dirty deeds, Halil İbrahim and his friends are freed. However, Levent and his family will not accept this defeat immediately; they demand Halil İbrahims head in exchange for Zeyneps safety. Will Fikret be able to protect his sisters life or her heart?

Amor sem limites17

7 - Episódio 7

For Zeyneps sake, Halil İbrahim and Fikret decide to settle their feud through talking instead of bloodshed. Halil İbrahim, who will sit at the table of wolves, will face Leto and Kulpas with a big trump card with the help of the people who are sympathetic to his cause. Asiye, who cannot trust the men in the family to get things done, takes the reins. Pushing Edanur to divorce Temel and trying to separate Leyla from her beloved for good finally brings Asiye face-to-face with Zeynep.

Amor sem limites18

8 - Episódio 8

Halil İbrahim, who is sure that Zeynep is innocent, wants to kidnap Zeynep and save her, but Zeyneps freedom is between Asiyes lips. Will Nedime, who even agrees to go to Asiyes feet for Zeynep, be able to give up her daughter even if she gives up her pride? Will Halil İbrahim and Zeynep give up on each other if they accept Asiyes condition?

Amor sem limites19

9 - Episódio 9

Zeyneps decision to stay and marry Halil İbrahim rather than leave the country shakes both Halil İbrahims family and Zeyneps family. Asiye uses Zeyneps elopement to Halil İbrahim as an excuse to speed up Leylas engagement. This time, Halil İbrahim will break off the engagement not with a gun but as a member of the family. Nedime calls her nephew Yılmaz, whom everyone is afraid of, to remind everyone who is behind her children. Only time will tell who will be his friend and who will be his enemy.

Amor sem limites110

10 - Episódio 10

When Yilmazs real business is revealed, everyone chooses sides. Fikret withdraws from the business because he will never break his rules. But both Fikret and Zeynep will be pawns in the trap set by Rızvan and the other families to get rid of Halil İbrahim for good. Halil İbrahim, who learns that a trap will be set against him, makes dangerous plans to get rid of all his enemies. Who will be hunted while on the hunt?

Amor sem limites111

11 - Episódio 11

Halil İbrahims last show of power causes great shock among his enemies. While Yılmaz targets Halil İbrahims innocents and loved ones, the decision Rizvan will make will shake the dynamics of the entire family.

Amor sem limites112

12 - Episódio 12

Halil İbrahim and Rızvan unite against Yılmaz under the leadership of Fikret. Asiye, who cannot tolerate the fact that Zeynep and Nedime won, does not accept this peace and makes a deal with Yılmaz. Asiye and Yılmaz duo will not let anyone down, especially Halil İbrahim and Zeynep.

Amor sem limites113

13 - Episódio 13

When Halil İbrahim is kidnapped, Zeynep wants to make peace with Asiye in order to save his life, but she faces that her own family will not make the sacrifices she made for Halil İbrahim. Fikret, who does not bow to Yılmaz, establishes new partnerships to chart his own path. Will Halil İbrahim, Yılmazs captive, manage to survive until he is rescued from captivity?

Amor sem limites114

14 - Episódio 14

Yilmazs actions against Halil Ibrahim cause everyone to face their own fate. Zeynep, who is the most happy that Halil İbrahim is saved, has a fiery reunion with him. But when Yilmazs father gets wind of what happened, he puts his team to work to pull the plug on Oğuz, Fikret, and Rızvan along with Halil İbrahim. When all the families come together for a good deed, who will survive?

Amor sem limites115

15 - Episódio 15

Many people, including Rızvan, are hit in the clash during the wedding. When everyone pulls a gun on each other, old distrust resurfaces and agreements and alliances are broken, and relatives become enemies again. Will Halil İbrahim and Zeyneps love be enough to overcome their resentment towards each other, or will they be on opposite sides after this breaking point?

Amor sem limites116

16 - Episódio 16

The hostility between Halil Ibrahim and Fikret escalates. A big confrontation begins between Nedime and Asiye, who are under the same roof to be with Rizvan. Zeynep, who does not want to be in the middle of all her loved ones, can only distance herself from conflicts. Will she lose her husband or brother due to hostilities that she could not prevent? Or will Halil Ibrahim and Fikret find a middle ground?

Amor sem limites117

17 - Episódio 17

Although the waters between Halil İbrahim and Fikret have calmed down for now, the Letos will not rest easy. Taking advantage of the return of Tuncay, the younger son of the Letos, Yılmaz has nefarious plans to avenge Rızvans death. As Zeynep remembers that she is a Karasu again, she faces two dangers at once. Will Zeynep be able to embrace Sevda and Ceylan, whom Halil İbrahim has taken in? What kind of danger awaits Halil İbrahim and Zeynep?

Amor sem limites118

18 - Episódio 18

Halil İbrahim, who has managed to survive thanks to Zeynep, comes to the deal table again with the Fikrets, but they have a common enemy to get rid of first: Yilmaz Marten. Halil İbrahim embarks on a dangerous game to get rid of Yilmaz for good, while Zeynep enters the den of wolves without knowing what is going on in her fathers house. Surrounded by enemies, will Halil İbrahim and Zeynep be able to save themselves?

Amor sem limites119

19 - Episódio 19

Halil İbrahim and Zeynep find themselves trapped in very different situations, separated from each other. While its unclear if they have escaped from the troubles caused by Yılmaz, the return of Rızvan reveals a secret alliance. Halil İbrahim, unaware of a new danger looming, prioritizes getting back his estranged wife. However, Rızvan is not the only one involved in covert activities. Halil İbrahim also has a big surprise in store for his enemies.

Amor sem limites120

20 - Episódio 20

The fact that Fikret, Yavuz, and Levent are still on Halil Ibrahims side starts a civil war between fathers and sons. Its not for nothing that they say you cant even trust your father in this day and age... When it comes to family, all hands are dealt with, and the only thing left to do is redistribute the cards. Enemies become friends, and friends become enemies. As Halil Ibrahim continues to move forward on the path he believes to be right, the bullet comes painfully from a place he never expected.

Amor sem limites121

21 - Episódio 21

Halil İbrahim, who is under close surveillance after Oğuzs lieutenant is wounded, has attracted the attention of both his enemies and the state. As the state escalates, an uninvited guest comes to take a hand in Halil İbrahims case. Halil İbrahim, who is always one step ahead of his enemies, could not foresee what a jealous woman would do. No matter what, when it comes to Zeynep, everything stops. Has Halil İbrahim reached the end of the road this time? Is everything permissible for love?

Amor sem limites122

22 - Episódio 22

Halil Ibrahim admits that for the first time in his life, he is faced with something he is afraid of losing. Even though Zeynep is reunited with Halil Ibrahim, she does not remain silent any longer in the face of those who covet what is hers. Fathers eventually manage to spoil their sons tastes with the help of mothers. Even the most indestructible alliances will crack at some point. Fikret, who holds his head high despite all of Rizvans threats, makes a move that no one expected. It leaves the ambitions of those who think they have won in a rut. As they say, he who goes hunting gets hunted. Halil Ibrahim has a secret weapon that he is hiding from everyone.

Amor sem limites123

23 - Episódio 23

Even though Halil İbrahim cannot get exactly the punishment he wants, everyone gets what they deserve. There is no calm among women either. Although Zeynep was kicked out of both her fathers and her husbands house, she is tested by the women who do not leave. While the fathers are being imprisoned one by one, they are now thought to be harmless and everyone feels relieved. Halil İbrahim is aware that a storm will break out after this silence. Feeling uneasy after what she heard, Zeynep goes to Halil İbrahim. Halil does not realize that he is putting himself in danger while helping İbrahim to save his loved ones. So who will the bomb explode on?

Amor sem limites124

24 - Episódio 24

Halil İbrahim manages to save everyone before the explosion occurs. As the tension between Zeynep and Ceylan continues, it will be of great importance whose side Halil İbrahim will take. While the fathers regain their freedom, the imprisoned person becomes someone else. Yılmaz has no intention of going in. How he finds the way out will create confusion and the arrows will return to Halil İbrahim. The first one to find Yılmaz will win. So, will Halil İbrahim be able to act before everyone else and finally take his revenge?

Amor sem limites125

25 - Episódio 25

Yilmaz meets his end with someone unexpected. This ending enrages a father that no one would want to confront, and everyones fears come true. Nihat, Yilmazs father, finally returns to the square he left empty for revenge. Halil Ibrahim continues to stand tall no matter what. Zeynep does not hesitate to threaten even her father because she has a husband like Halil Ibrahim behind her. Even though Asiye and Rizvan do not take Zeynep seriously, Halil Ibrahim proves on a quiet night that Zeyneps threats are not empty. While everyone is focused on the enemy in front of their eyes, no one notices the real snake silently approaching. This time, the danger is very close, even within them.

Amor sem limites126

26 - Episódio 26

While everyone is trying to get their son off the hook, Nihat has already made up his mind. He proves what a ruthless man he is when he explains his decision to the fathers. A father can be angry and punish his son, but can he kill him? Halil İbrahim makes a plan for Nihat to be hunted on the way to the hunt. But an unforeseen person turns all plans upside down. Will he be the hunted one this time? Zeynep, while sleeping in her most innocent state, cannot smell the approaching danger. Now, the end of the road has come.

Amor sem limites127

27 - Episódio 27

They say the best weapon against one enemy is another enemy. Things change when fathers receive orders to kill their sons. With Nihats play, everyones true colors are revealed once again. Unfortunately, Fikret is not as lucky as the others. While the men are willing to put even trade aside, there is something they cannot take into account. Jealousy is the most dangerous emotion for a woman especially when its based on a long history. This time, the blood is spilled at the womens table, not the mens.

Amor sem limites128

28 - Episódio 28

Asiye Letos sudden death shocks everyone. The gendarmerie arrives at the door and detains Ceylan while Halil İbrahim tries to figure out why the incident happened. When Ceylan says that Zeynep is the one who instigated him, the situation gets complicated. Halil İbrahim tries to get Zeynep out of prison after she is arrested, but Zeynep is skewered in the ward. Will Zeynep live? How will Halil İbrahim avenge Zeynep?

Amor sem limites129

29 - Episódio 29

Zeynep is attacked in prison and is immediately hospitalized. Halil İbrahim takes action to hold those who did this to Zeynep to account. Hearing what happened to his daughter, Rızvan Leto is desperately upset. Halil İbrahim attacks Nihats place with his team and catches Hakan. Will he kill Hakan to avenge Zeynep? Will Zeynep, who is in bad condition, survive?

Amor sem limites130

30 - Episódio 30

Tamer, who is encouraged by Nihat to kill Fikret, accidentally shoots and kills Tuncay Leto. While the Letos mourn the death of their little son, they try to find out who did this. Zeynep, who learns that she will not have children anymore, tells Halil İbrahim that the relationship is over. Even though Halil İbrahim suffers, he has to continue his fight. Nihat, who does not stop to take further revenge, will kill Levent again by using Tamer. Will Tamer be exposed? How will Halil İbrahim take his revenge on Nihat?

Amor sem limites131

31 - Episódio 31

Everyone is stunned by Levents death. Tamer, who is obsessed with his lust for power, is not aware that he is Nihats hitman. Halil İbrahim thinks that Zeynep has given up on him and buries his love in his heart. While he struggles with Zeyneps love, he makes plans for Nihat. Tamers new target is Fikret. Will Tamer be able to kill Fikret?

Amor sem limites132

32 - Episódio 32

Tuncay and Levents revenge has been taken. Fikret is emotionally affected by this situation of the Letos. Halil İbrahim tries to make things right between them out of his love for Zeynep. But Zeynep blames herself for not having a child with Halil İbrahim. Halil İbrahim visits Nedime and asks her for Zeynep again. Will Zeynep Halil return to İbrahim?

Amor sem limites133

33 - Episódio 33

Zeynep is determined not to return to Halil İbrahim. Although Halil İbrahim tries to persuade Zeynep, Zeynep says that she does not want him anymore. Halil İbrahim confronts his pain and decides to continue on his way without Zeynep. Zeynep sees Halil İbrahim, who went to dinner with Didem, at the restaurant. Making plan after plan, Nihat gets Halil İbrahim with an agreement.

Amor sem limites134

34 - Episódio 34

Nihat takes Halil İbrahim and tortures him to make him suffer. Undaunted, Halil İbrahim escapes from Nihats hands. Zeynep and Halil İbrahim, who went to court for divorce, are still in love with each other.