Amor na Ilha
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Amor na Ilha (2021)

DramaComédiaComédiaRomanceGenel İzleyici

Haziran, uma garota da cidade dedicada à sua carreira, e Poyraz, um fazendeiro, passam de rivais a aliados em uma remota ilha paradisíaca do mar Egeu.

Ayça Ayşin Turan

Ayça Ayşin Turan

Haziran Sedefli
Alp Navruz

Alp Navruz

Poyraz Ali Özgür
Nihan Büyükağaç

Nihan Büyükağaç

İpek Tenolcay

İpek Tenolcay

Bülent Çolak

Bülent Çolak

Rami Narin

Rami Narin

Merve Nur Bengi

Merve Nur Bengi

Fatih Yücebağ

Fatih Yücebağ

Özge Demirtel

Özge Demirtel

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Amor na Ilha11

1 - Episódio 1

Haziran goes to meet her boss Doygun for the position in Tokyo that she has dreamed of for a long time. However, in order to get the promotion of her dreams, she first needs to help her boss with one thing: She must go to Kırlangıç Island and find a flaw of the grumpy man who refuses to sell his land and blocks the development of the Island. When Haziran goes to the mentioned land, she meets Poyraz. . They butt heads with each other from the very first moment. Meanwhile, Haziran gets the information the boss needs. While she is impatient to return to her beloved Istanbul, she meets her aunt whom she hasnt seen for years. When she misses the ferry, she has to stay on the island. Finding herself dancing with Poyraz in a dance competition without realizing what happened, Haziran soon learns that she has been misled by her boss. Moreover, she realizes that the person she hurt unintentionally is Poyraz. Determined to fix the damage she caused, Haziran goes to Poyraz with an offer.

Amor na Ilha12

2 - Episódio 2

Haziran had to kiss Poyraz to erase Nehirs doubts. When the magic of the moment is lost, she realizes what she just did and runs far away from there. Of course, Poyraz will ask what happened and Haziran will try to find an explanation. On the other hand, it turns out that a friend of Biriciks is looking for a different venue for an engagement party. Although Haziran has not opened yet, she thinks that it can be done in the garden of the hotel and takes action immediately. She butts heads with Poyraz at every step of the planning. Haziran struggles a bit with the slow-paced life of the Islanders as shes accustomed to fast-paced city life. Elsewhere, the whole Island starts talking about the kiss between Haziran and Poyraz. Of course, İdil gets very angry at this situation and decides to take matters into her own hands. While Haziran is trying to please the potential client, an unexpected person comes to the Island and this leaves Haziran in a very difficult situation.

Amor na Ilha13

3 - Episódio 3

Haziran is very surprised to see Hakan in front of her. Hakans unpredictable attitude puts Haziran in a difficult situation. Meanwhile, Eylul and Adars engagement party is approaching. Eylül wants every place to be decorated with flowers. When Haziran goes to the Islands only flower shop, she realizes that all the flowers have already been bought. Having to fight with İdil for flowers, in the end, Haziran finds herself on a journey with Poyraz. When everything is ready for the party, the young engaged couple gets into a big fight; Haziran learns that something Poyraz said caused the fight... Poyraz, on the other hand, considers himself extremely justified. While the duo is trying to solve this problem, one more person is about to learn the secret of Haziran.

Amor na Ilha14

4 - Episódio 4

Haziran and Poyraz are very close to each other for the first time. However, İdils suspicions are about to dissolve everything. Hank intervenes. Unfortunately, this upsets Haziran even more. Poyraz has to face the fact that Haziran is not permanent on the island. Haziran, on the other hand, gradually loses her movement area due to the situation she is stuck in. Moreover, everything that happens is a burden on her heart. As the opening approaches, they will need to find a cook for the hotel. Of course, Haziran and Poyraz cannot agree on this. Poyraz gets angry that Haziran is trying to solve everything with technology and asks her if she can spend a day without using technology. The two make a sweet bet; If Haziran manages to survive in a deserted bay, Poyraz will tell her his biggest secret. Even if he loses, Haziran will have to tell her biggest secret to Poyraz. On her return from the bay, Haziran receives an unexpected job offer. Poyraz is very shaken by this offer.

Amor na Ilha15

5 - Episódio 5

Poyrazs coming to the pier and saying dont go! affects Haziran very much. While the young woman tries to understand the reason behind this, Poyraz questions why Haziran is convinced to stay right away. Two stubborn goats run into each other to hear the confession of their magical attraction. All the island is talking about is Poyraz saying Dont go to Haziran at the pier. Meanwhile, Buray concert tickets are quickly sold out. The opening of the hotel will obviously be quite successful. One last hurdle remains; municipal control… İdil, who does not want that hotel to open as much as Hakan, steps in. A new problem awaits Haziran and Poyraz. On top of that, concert artist Burays guitarist also has health problems. Haziran and Poyraz join hands to solve problems.

Amor na Ilha16

6 - Episódio 6

Aliyes awakening brings joy to all the people of the island. Haziran, who has never seen Haziran this happy before, is afraid that Aliye remembers what he told her while she was still in a coma. Of course, there will be disruptions when the hotel welcomes its first customers. But a client comes in, harassing the entire team. Eventually, he gets displaced. The real problem starts after he leaves the hotel. Reservations are canceled. Agencies declare that they will not work with an establishment with such an attitude. Haziran and Poyraz have to find a way and get through this disaster. Meanwhile, Poyraz is determined to open up about his feelings to Haziran.

Amor na Ilha17

7 - Episódio 7

After their kiss, Poyraz is sure of Hazirans feelings, but Haziran refuses to talk about it. Thereupon, the young man says, Be ready to see another Poyraz from now on. While Haziran is waiting to see the old grumpy, little-spoken Poyraz, the opposite scene comes across. A young female customer who comes to the hotel shows interest in Poyraz. While Haziran is madly jealous of Poyraz, she is crushed under the burden of her secret. Meanwhile, Alper is determined to tell Poyraz what he heard from Biricik, but Biricik does her best to prevent Alper. The main reason for Selma and Zeyneps resentment explodes with a big sister fight and the whole island is shaken. When Poyraz learns of the betrayal of the person he thinks is his best friend, he cannot control his anger. Haziran decides to risk everything and confess the whole truth to the man she loves, but everything turns upside down when İdil makes a mess.

Amor na Ilha18

8 - Episódio 8

Poyraz is full of anger towards Haziran, who has lied to him all this time. Haziran, on the other hand, thinks of nothing but making up for the evil she has done. Haziran will not leave the hotel and Poyraz has to work with her whether he wants it or not… However, Poyraz is determined to make it difficult for Haziran. Poyraz is not the only one who does not want Haziran. Realizing that Poyrazs anger is also under the pain of love, Aliye panics and takes action against Haziran. Zeynep, who is aware of what is going on, will not let anyone crush her daughter. Zeynep also has a plan against Aliyes moves. On the other hand, İdil is determined to find out who the woman her father wants to marry is, and this determination will cause a great crisis. Hakan, who has not left the island yet, becomes even more ambitious and recklessly does everything he can to pierce the wounds of both Poyraz and Haziran.

Amor na Ilha19

9 - Episódio 9

Haziran is confronted by Hakan. When Poyraz hears Hazirans screams, he is quick to find the duo. Haziran and Poyraz are injured in the brawl. Poyraz is so worried about Haziran that he has to face his feelings and what has happened in recent months. İdil is determined to prevent Zeynep and Latifs wedding. Haziran also does not approve of this marriage. Meanwhile, a mysterious man rents out a suite at the hotel for two months. However, because the person doesnt like anything, Haziran and Poyraz have to redecorate the room. Whilst doing this, they meet Elsa Hanım, whom they will never forget for the rest of their lives. Ms. Elsa teaches Poyraz and Haziran something they will never forget. As soon as Poyraz feels he is ready to talk to Haziran, he takes action, but meanwhile, the person who rented out the suite in the hotel also checks in to the hotel.

Amor na Ilha110

10 - Episódio 10

The arrival of Batu creates a BOMB effect between Haziran and Poyraz. Batu, who was invited by Zeynep to separate the duo, quickly begins to implement his insidious plans. When İdil is about to give up her love for Poyraz, she takes action again with an idea that comes to her mind. This time, she is sure that she will make Poyraz fall in love with her. Haziran begins to wonder about Poyrazs past, so she embarks on a quest to find out he used to be like. Haziran finds herself in the midst of fits of jealousy. Poyraz helps Haziran to overcome her fear of the sea. Despite everything, the duo cannot hide their love for each other. Haziran has only one request – Poyraz forgiving her. Will Poyraz forgive Haziran? Batu and Poyraz come face to face and fighting becomes inevitable. Poyraz cannot control his nerves and with that comes big trouble for him.

Amor na Ilha111

11 - Episódio 11

Batus plan worked. However, what Batu does not yet know is that this event has completely different effects on Poyraz. Once the curtain on Poyrazs dark past began to open - Melisa and Alpers short rapprochement will get them into trouble they never expected. The lies told to protect Biricik will turn into an inextricable game over time. Another person who plays a game on lies on the island is Idil. She will begin to see where the lie she told to gain Poyrazs attention could lead. While trying to find out the reason for the fight between Poyraz and Batu, on the one hand, Haziran tries to ensure that the bridges between her and Poyraz do not collapse. However, Poyraz does not make it easy at all. Every time Batu gets out of the way and makes moves to show himself innocent, Poyraz gets into an even more difficult situation. However, despite everything, Poyraz and Haziran will try to hold on to love. But now their love is faced with not one but two powerful enemies.

Amor na Ilha112

12 - Episódio 12

Haziran and Poyraz became lovers. While this news overwhelms some, it means disaster for others. Aliye, who learns İdils lie, has difficulty in choosing a side. She can never accept Haziran with her grandson but she cannot digest the big lie that İdil has told. Zeynep, on the other hand, does not want her daughter to be stuck in this small life. She asks Batu, whom she called to the island for this purpose, to do something. Things have started to get difficult for İdil and Batu, who joined forces for the same purpose. In order to spoil the happiness of Haziran and Poyraz, they have to act quickly. When she learns that Alper and Melisa kissed, Biricik fumes. As Melisa and Alper are crushed under their secret, they are pushed into a bigger game with the one and only lie. Batu, who meddles with Poyrazs past to separate Haziran and Poyraz, finally reaches a conclusion. Idil, on the other hand, has not yet realized that a lie cannot be fought in the face of true love.

Amor na Ilha113

13 - Episódio 13

Haziran and Poyraz are determined to remove all obstacles to their love. To accomplish this, the shady games of İdil and Batu have to be disrupted and their true faces revealed. In order to convince İdil and Batu that they have separated, they must convince everyone on the island, even their closest relatives, of this separation. However, it is not only Haziran and Poyraz who are after hidden truths. İdil and Batu also take action to make sure that a game is being played against them. They dont even realize that every one of their actions is further dragging them into a trap. Biricik has no plans to forgive Alper and Melisa easily. The steps Fatih and Latif take to win the hearts of Selma and Zeynep cause more trouble for them each time. Haziran and Poyraz will be shaken by what they have learned when they least expect it, and theyll be forced to make a big decision. They no longer have any other way to prove their love.

Amor na Ilha114

14 - Episódio 14

The love of Haziran and Poyraz is on the verge of a big test this time. The fact that Zeynep and Aliye stand even more fiercely in the face of their love makes things difficult. Haziran does not want Poyrazs relationship with his grandmother to deteriorate because of their love, and Poyraz does not want Haziran to break her ties with her mother either. For this reason, Poyraz must win the heartsof Zeynep and Haziran, the heart of Aliye. İdil is in great ruin. Batu, on the other hand, is actually pleased with himself. Until his life turns dark with the arrival of an unexpected guest. Despite all the troubles they have been through, Poyraz and Haziran will find themselves helping an enemy. Biricik, whose anger still hasnt subsided, is preparing to deal another blow to Melissa. Step by step, Alper is approaching the stage of making a decision… Melisa, crushed by remorse, will be willing to lose everything for both of them.

Amor na Ilha115

15 - Episódio 15

Haziran is burning with the pain of separation. However, this separation does not seem to have affected Poyraz as much as Haziran. When Haziran learns that Poyraz, who she thinks does not suffer as much as she does, has put the factory up for sale, she gets very angry. Receiving a job offer on top of her separation confuses Haziran. Its like everything and everyone around her is trying to get her off the island, most importantly, away from Poyraz. Batu is after new plans. İdil is now aware that she is nearing the end of an era, and it will not be so easy to accept that her heart is beating for someone else. Biricik will have to choose between her enmity with Melisa and Alper and her own happiness. Trying to find out Poyrazs true feelings, Haziran will find a last resort in accepting a job offer and leaving the island. She has high hopes that Poyraz will stop her from leaving but Poyraz has opted to bury his pain in his heart so that his love will be happy and free for a while.

Amor na Ilha116

16 - Episódio 16

Haziran and Poyraz are two strangers now... This tension between them will affect everyone around them. On top of that, learning that Batu is a partner in the hotel causes confusion. However, a common enemy that threatens the whole island will require the suspension of all resentments and conflicts, even if it is just for a little a while. Doyguns arrival on the island will catch everyone off guard. Meanwhile, Doygun is not the only unexpected visitor to the island. When a mysterious woman begins to wander the streets of the island, those who know her realize that a storm is approaching for Poyraz. Poyraz and Haziran are approaching the brink of a big test step by step because of this mysterious woman.

Amor na Ilha117

17 - Episódio 17

When Poyraz suddenly disappears after a traffic accident, everyone on the Island is mobilized. Every nook and cranny of the Island will be searched to find the injured Poyraz. Even though Haziran is very angry or hurt, she cant stand the idea of Poyraz hiding somewhere injured. She does her best to find him safe and sound. Poyraz, on the other hand, wants to step back and think a little after what he has experienced in a row. But life will not go as he planned. As always, Haziran will be able to heal Poyrazs wounds and brighten up his darkness.

Amor na Ilha118

18 - Episódio 18

Haziran has decided to open a new page in her life. She will try to endure a life without Poyraz and Poyraz, on the other hand, seems to have welcomed her departure with maturity. It was what was best for Haziran, and Poyraz will accept it. However, it will not be so easy to keep up this lie that he has told himself and others. While all this is going on, an award ceremony organized by Sandal Ağacı Hotel will be instrumental in crossing the paths of Haziran and Poyraz. The love of Haziran and Poyraz, which started and grew on Kırlangıç Island, will now overflow to the very loud, very bright, and very lively streets of Izmir.

Amor na Ilha119

19 - Episódio 19

Before returning to the island, Poyraz wants to do Haziran one last favor: to make her life better in Izmir. For this, he will even have to make a secret agreement with Kutay. Alper and Melisa push their asking for the girls hand ceremony one day earlier. The purpose of doing this is to ensure that Poyraz and Haziran reconcile. Will Alper and Melisa be able to reunite the two lovers this time, whose previous attempts were unsuccessful? On the island, there is a great panic atmosphere. Aytens ex-husband Sinan has been everyones nightmare. Having a notorious criminal on the island brings people closer together. Great danger awaits Poyraz and Haziran on the island as Poyraz will face the biggest test of his life.

Amor na Ilha120

20 - Episódio 20

Sinan kidnaps Haziran in exchange for Aytens money. With Hazirans abduction, mobilization is declared on Kırlangıç Island, and Poyraz works extra hard to find Haziran. Faced with the fear of losing her daughter, Zeynep is devastated. Batu, who has alienated everyone from himself with what he has done so far, will also do his best to save Haziran. This sad event on Kırlangıç Island will once again remind the inhabitants of the island of their devotion to each other.

Amor na Ilha121

21 - Episódio 21

Poyraz, who is determined to propose to Haziran after getting Aliyes consent, has an unforgettable marriage proposal plan in mind. While İdil is devastated by Batu leaving the island, Latif is afraid that İdil will follow Batu and ruin her life. While Alper and Melisas wedding preparations continue, this big decision they make about their lives will be tested by the plans their families have made for them. While Alper and Melisas wedding is pregnant with many surprises on Kırlangıç Island, Zeyneps secret to İdil is a harbinger of hard days waiting for Zeynep.

Amor na Ilha122

22 - Episódio 22

The baby that Haziran and Poyraz unexpectedly find at the hotel becomes the new talk of Kırlangıç Island. While everyone is rallying around the baby, especially Haziran and Poyraz, the efforts to find the babys mother begin on Kırlangıç Island. While Selma and Fatih are looking for ways to meet Nehirs school in England, Latif will devote himself to Zeynep and her illness with İdils departure. While Alper and Melisa start to have problems from the first day of their marriage, Biricik is faced with the face of Beyazıt that he has never seen before. The arrival of Sadiks older sister Suzan and her son Okan to the island will herald Sadiks difficult days.

Amor na Ilha123

23 - Episódio 23

The disappearance of the baby during the turmoil in the hotel worries everyone, while Haziran and Poyraz go after Hanife and her baby. As Nehir starts to get closer to Okan, Suzan continues to be a threat to Sadik. While Biricik is disturbed by Beyazıts jealousy, Beyazıt will take lessons from Görkem to become the person Biricik wants. While some difficulties are waiting for Alper and Melisa couple from the first days of marriage, a helping hand will come from Selma and Fatih couple. Zeynep, on the other hand, does not want her illness to be known, but nothing goes as she expects.

Amor na Ilha124

24 - Episódio 24

The rush and preparations of the Kırlangıç Island Marathon surround the whole island. Görkem puts Sadık in a difficult preparation process while he is determined to race Sadık in the marathon. While the mysterious journalist Hasan, who came to the island for the marathon, is a great threat to Selma, this journalist will cause Nehir to make radical decisions in her life. Couples Haziran and Poyraz & Melisa and Alper start a race about how well they know each other. While Biricik and Beyazıt are facing a new problem in their relationship, the decision of Haziran and Poyraz will surprise everyone.

Amor na Ilha125

25 - Episódio 25

Haziran and Poyrazs decision to get married is about to become a reality. Despite all the obstacles they face, the duo, who do not give up on each other, has one last problem to overcome before getting married. While the news that Haziran and Poyraz are moving to Istanbul spreads rapidly on Kırllang Island, Sadık finds a way to deal with his older sister Suzan. When Nehir learns that Hasan is her father, she distances herself from everyone, and years later, meeting her father will completely change the young girls life. While Selma continues to worry about her daughter, Fatih confronts Hasan. A brand new era will begin in the lives of Alper and Melisa.