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Amber Brown (2022)


Entre o divórcio de seus pais e seu melhor amigo se mudando, Amber Brown está passando por momentos difíceis. Mas a sua arte, vídeo diário, e sua nova amiga Brandi dão a Amber a chance de expressar seus sentimentos e encontrar gratidão no amor que a cerca.

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Amber Brown
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Amber Brown11

1 - I, Amber Brown

Starting middle school without her best friend, Justin, makes Amber all the more grateful for new friend and neighbor Brandi.

Amber Brown12

2 - What They Dont Know

Amber and Brandi find a diamond ring, which leads Amber to believe her mom is about to do something Ambers not quite ready for.

Amber Brown13

3 - No Place Like Two Homes

Amber sets aside her fears and auditions for the school play, while her dad moves into a new apartment.

Amber Brown14

4 - On a Role

Its the night of the play and Ambers nervous. She hopes her dad, whos stuck in traffic, makes it in time to see her debut.

Amber Brown15

5 - Sound Advice

Amber wants to get her ears pierced—just like Brandi—so she enlists the help of Aunt Pam to try persuading her mom.

Amber Brown16

6 - Schooled Dance

As the girls get ready for their first school dance, Amber feels bad about disobeying her mom and wants to come clean.

Amber Brown17

7 - Comes in Waves

When Ambers new math tutor turns out to be an old crush of her dads, she and Brandi form a plan so that shell never need a tutor again.

Amber Brown18

8 - Hollywood Beginning

Ambers house is overrun by a film crew, which has the surprising effect of bringing the family together, much to Ambers delight.

Amber Brown19

9 - Love Is Here to Stay

While volunteering at a nursing home, Amber befriends a resident and bends the facilitys rules in the spirit of love and friendship.

Amber Brown110

10 - Life

The family rallies together to sneak Cecile back into the nursing home, but the fun is interrupted by unexpected news.