Alfas: Habilidades Extraordinárias
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Alfas: Habilidades Extraordinárias (2011)

Sci-Fi & FantasyDramaAction & AdventureTV-14

Após a morte de uma testemunha em um tribunal, o Dr. Lee Rosen lidera um time de Alfas (seres humanos avançados) que tem habilidades especiais que fazem deles um grupo consideravelmente poderoso. Enquanto Rosen os ensina a controlarem suas respectivas habilidades, eles começam a entender que há forças poderosas por trás do assassinato no tribunal, inclusive um traidor entre eles.

David Strathairn

David Strathairn

Lee Rosen
Ryan Cartwright

Ryan Cartwright

Gary Bell
Warren Christie

Warren Christie

Cameron Hicks
Azita Ghanizada

Azita Ghanizada

Rachel Pirzad
Laura Mennell

Laura Mennell

Nina Theroux
Malik Yoba

Malik Yoba

Bill Harken
Mahershala Ali

Mahershala Ali

Nathan Clay
John Pyper-Ferguson

John Pyper-Ferguson

Stanton Parish
Erin Way

Erin Way

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Alfas: Habilidades Extraordinárias11

1 - Pilot

Operating within the Defense Criminal Investigation Service of the U.S. Department of Defense and led by preeminent neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Lee Rosen, an expert in Alpha phenomena, the team investigates cases that point to others with Alpha abilities. As they work against the clock to solve this new brand of crime, they must prevent their own personality differences and disparate backgrounds from interfering with their ultimate mission to catch the enemy.

Alfas: Habilidades Extraordinárias12

2 - Cause & Effect

A problematic former patient of Rosens escapes as Rosen is getting acquainted with his Department of Defense liaison, and the rest of the team tries to balance their normal lives with their work as Alphas.

Alfas: Habilidades Extraordinárias13

3 - Anger Management

The team moves to new offices following the attack on Rosen; violent riots break out on the east coast, which are linked to a runaway teen.

Alfas: Habilidades Extraordinárias14

4 - Rosetta

The Alpha team closes in on Red Flag and rescues an autistic woman, Anna, with the ability to translate any language. The team tries to figure out Red Flags plan while Gary bonds with Anna.

Alfas: Habilidades Extraordinárias15

5 - Never Let Me Go

Rachel goes on a date that ends with a powerful kiss; Rosens team officially joins the Defense Criminal Investigation Service, and their first case is to probe a series of deaths linked to a high school in Pennsylvania.

Alfas: Habilidades Extraordinárias16

6 - Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure

While Bill and Gary take on a case of their own, Nina and Cameron grow closer.

Alfas: Habilidades Extraordinárias17

7 - Catch and Release

The team is ordered to find and protect Skylar, an Alpha with skills that could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Alfas: Habilidades Extraordinárias18

8 - A Short Time in Paradise

Hicks and Nina are entranced by a deadly cult leader named Jonas.

Alfas: Habilidades Extraordinárias19

9 - Blind Spot

The team finds themselves under siege by an undetectable Alpha when they bring in a potential Red Flag member for questioning.

Alfas: Habilidades Extraordinárias110

10 - The Unusual Suspects

The DoD imprisons Rosen and his team after they suspect that one of the members is a Red Flag traitor.

Alfas: Habilidades Extraordinárias111

11 - Original Sin

Rosen and his team find out about a secret red flag meeting. Things come to ahead for the team and the future is cloudy.