Além do Mal
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Além do Mal (2021)


{"pt-BR":"Dois homens destemidos estão dispostos a ir a extremos na busca por um serial killer que acabou de retornar. Para descobrir a identidade do assassino, os dois são forçados a olhar além do que as pistas sugerem e questionar constantemente a inocência de todas as pessoas envolvidas no caso, incluindo eles mesmos.","en-US":"As a killing resembling a cold case resurfaces in a small town, the chase for the truth falls on two policemen who each harbor secrets of their own.","es-ES":""Más Allá del Mal" couenta la historia de dos hombres intrépidos que están dispuestos a hacer todo lo posible en la búsqueda de un asesino en serie que regresa. En el proceso de descubrir la identidad del asesino, los dos se ven obligados a mirar más profundamente de lo que parece sugerir la evidencia y cuestionar constantemente la inocencia de todas las personas involucradas en el caso, incluidos ellos mismos."}

Shin Ha-kyun

Shin Ha-kyun

Lee Dong-sik
Yeo Jin-goo

Yeo Jin-goo

Han Joo-won
Choi Dae-hoon

Choi Dae-hoon

Park Jung-je
Choi Sung-eun

Choi Sung-eun

Yoo Jae-yi
Kim Shin-rock

Kim Shin-rock

Oh Ji-hwa
Cheon Ho-jin

Cheon Ho-jin

Nam Sang-bae
Park Ji-hoon

Park Ji-hoon

Kwon Hyuk
Choi Jin-ho

Choi Jin-ho

Han Ki-hwan
Kil Hae-yeon

Kil Hae-yeon

Do Hae-won
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Além do Mal11

1 - Appear

When young hotshot Han Ju-won arrives in town, hes assigned to partner with Lee Dong-sik, a maverick cop with a gruesome tragedy in his past.

Além do Mal12

2 - Disappear

The discovery of an unidentified human skeleton raises unsettling possibilities. Dong-sik drags Kang Min-jeong back to town from a Seoul night club.

Além do Mal13

3 - Smiled

Ju-wons suspicions about Dong-siks involvement in the case intensify. The emergence of a mysterious cellphone places Ju-won in a tight spot.

Além do Mal14

4 - Cried

Coming up empty with Dong-siks interrogation, the police root around Yoo Jae-is butcher shop. Ju-won makes an explosive statement to the public.

Além do Mal15

5 - The Deceit

A fight breaks out as Dong-sik prevents Kang Jin-muk from being taken advantage of. Oh Ji-hun is confronted about the night of the disappearance.

Além do Mal16

6 - To Deceive

Ju-won agrees to Jin-muks request to carry out his own unofficial investigation. Do Hae-won moves to put an end to the case and protect her son.

Além do Mal17

7 - The Text Messages

Park Jeong-je does the right thing. The arrival of a second text from Min-jeong points Dong-sik toward someone whos figured out the truth.

Além do Mal18

8 - The Arrest and Interrogation

News of the killers arrest scandalizes the town. The killer refuses to speak to anyone but Dong-sik and Ju-won. Their interrogation hits a nerve.

Além do Mal19

9 - Bodies Found

Following a clue from an old video, Dong-sik searches desperately for his sisters remains. Ju-won and Jae-i each return after three months away.

Além do Mal110

10 - Interrogating the Chief

Seeing CCTV footage, Dong-sik is convinced hes figured out the real culprit behind the killers death. Ju-won puts a GPS tracker on Nam Sang-bae.

Além do Mal111

11 - Who Killed Sang-bae?

Committed to getting to the bottom of the latest murder, the team pulls together — and considers two of their own as prime suspects.

Além do Mal112

12 - Jeong-je and the Deer

The truth behind the events from the night of Lee Yu-yeons death begins to unravel. Jeong-je struggles to remember what happened.

Além do Mal113

13 - The Next Commissioner General

As detectives begin to connect the dots, Han Ki-hwans ties to the case become clearer. Dong-sik asks Ju-won if he can trust him.

Além do Mal114

14 - Setting the Trap

Dong-sik listens in on a conversation that brings to light many long-held secrets. A determined Ju-won sets out to uncover further truths.

Além do Mal115

15 - Letting Go

After obtaining an astonishing audio recording, Ju-won resolves to pursue justice at any cost. Dong-sik and Ju-won question Lee Chang-jin.

Além do Mal116

16 - Catch

In the aftermath of another sudden killing, Dong-sik joins hands with Ju-won to bring down the guilty — and deliver necessary punishment.