Além de Skinwalker
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Além de Skinwalker (2023)


Num esforço de ampliar a perspectiva e fazer conjuntos de dados mais extensos, a equipe Skinwalker adiciona dois membros ao grupo e parte para a ofensiva, buscando evidências de fenômenos semelhantes encontrados em locais análogos ao redor do país.

Brandon Fugal

Brandon Fugal

Paul Beban

Paul Beban

Travis Taylor

Travis Taylor

Erik Bard

Erik Bard

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Além de Skinwalker11

1 - Bradshaw Ranch

Investigators Andy Bustamante and Paul Beban investigate Bradshaw Ranch in Sedona, AZ, and encounter dangerous radiation levels, a strange temperature anomaly, and a UAP.

Além de Skinwalker12

2 - Mt. Wilson Ranch

Andy and Paul travel to Nevada, and investigate Mt. Wilson, a property once owned by Robert Bigelow and thought to contain mysterious tunnels that lead to a buried UFO.

Além de Skinwalker13

3 - Rocky Mountain Ranch

Investigator Katie Paige first encountered terrifying High Strangeness as a 9-year-old while living at Rocky Mountain Ranch in Colorado; now Andy and Paul are bringing her back after 50 years to see if they can capture scientific evidence of the property reacting to her presence.

Além de Skinwalker14

4 - Thomas Miller Ranch

One ranch in Colorado has experienced 16 cattle mutilations and over 15 traffic fatalities on a highway running through the property; Andy and Paul investigate to see if the two are related and come face to face with unexplained phenomenon.

Além de Skinwalker15

5 - Bradshaw Ranch Pt. 2

Andy and Paul return to Bradshaw Ranch in Sedona, Arizona in search of a rumored secret military base--and find themselves in a situation that could jeopardize the entire Beyond Skinwalker mission.

Além de Skinwalker16

6 - Bridgewater Triangle

Andy and Paul are in Massachusetts to investigate one of Americas oldest sites of High Strangeness and discover that an ancient Native American curse could still be active.

Além de Skinwalker17

7 - Navajo Nation

Andy and Paul partner with the Navajo Rangers and an experiencer with unprecedented access to forbidden land in Navajo Nation to hunt for evidence of Skinwalkers.