Acerto de contas
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Acerto de contas (2011)

DramaComédiaAção & AventuraCrimeAçãoPolicialDrama12

O ex-investigador de seguros Nate Ford e sua equipe atuam como Robin Hoods modernos e se unem para se vingar de pessoas que usam seu poder e riqueza para prejudicar os mais fracos e devolver o que é deles de direito.

Timothy Hutton

Timothy Hutton

Nathan Ford
Gina Bellman

Gina Bellman

Sophie Devereaux
Christian Kane

Christian Kane

Eliot Spencer
Beth Riesgraf

Beth Riesgraf

Aldis Hodge

Aldis Hodge

Alec Hardison
Jeri Ryan

Jeri Ryan

Tara Cole, Tara Carlisle
Mark Sheppard

Mark Sheppard

Jim Sterling
Robert Blanche

Robert Blanche

Detective Captain Bonanno
Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis

The Italian
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Acerto de contas11

1 - The Nigerian Job

Abordado por Victor Dubenich, ex-investigador de seguros, Nathan Nate Ford é contratado para liderar uma equipe de ladrões para recuperar documentos roubados por Bering Aerospace, com a intenção de vingar da companhia de seguros IIS (a seguradora Bering Aerospace) que deixou morrer o filho de Ford. No entanto, nem tudo é o que parece e a equipe é traída. Em resposta, se vingam de Dubenich e vão atrás de uma quantia em dinheiro substancial.

Acerto de contas12

2 - The Homecoming Job

Leverage Consulting & Associates opens for business as the crew reunites to help a Reservist whos been wounded in Iraq by private military contractors.

Acerto de contas13

3 - The Two-Horse Job

After a Wall Street broker sets fire to his stable—killing his underachieving racehorses in the process, the team visits Kentucky to help the heartsick trainer, Eliots high school love.

Acerto de contas14

4 - The Miracle Job

Nates childhood best friend seeks the help of Leverage Consulting & Associates in preventing the demolition of his church... by stealing a miracle.

Acerto de contas15

5 - The Bank Shot Job

Sophie and Nate find themselves taken hostage during a bank robbery. They soon learn they are trapped inside with their latest target: a corrupt judge.

Acerto de contas16

6 - The Stork Job

The Leverage team works to take down an adoption agency that has been stealing money from American couples.

Acerto de contas17

7 - The Wedding Job

To pull of a heist, the team poses as wedding planners in order to get money promised to a family after they took the fall for a Mafia boss.

Acerto de contas18

8 - The Mile High Job

The Leverage team attempts to expose a conglomerates cover-up of their toxic fertilizer, which has resulted in the death of a young girl. But the CEO has put all of the damning evidence on a plane to the Cayman Islands. The team races to catch the flight but, once airborne, they discover that the CEOs intentions are far more sinister and that to avenge one life theyll have to save their own.

Acerto de contas19

9 - The Snow Job

While helping a National Guardsman, Nate puts his team on the line when he slips back into his alcoholic ways.

Acerto de contas110

10 - The 12-Step Job

When the team cons an addicted embezzler into entering rehab, Nate confronts some of his own issues regarding alcoholism.

Acerto de contas111

11 - The Juror #6 Job

When one of Parkers aliases receives jury duty, Nate forces her to go, resulting in a showdown between the team and a corporation tampering with the jury.

Acerto de contas112

12 - The First David Job (1)

The team puts together a plan to steal Nates former bosss prized Michelangelo Maquette and sell it back to him.

Acerto de contas113

13 - The Second David Job (2)

Nate tries to piece together his team after coming out of hiding. However, the high stakes involved in his latest con could spell disaster for him and his friends.