Abbott Elementary
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Abbott Elementary (2021)


Uma comédia sobre local de trabalho que acompanha um grupo de professores dedicados e apaixonados, e um diretor ligeiramente surdo navegando pelo sistema de escolas públicas da Filadélfia. Apesar de todas as dificuldades, eles estão determinados a ajudar seus alunos a terem sucesso na vida, e embora esses incríveis servidores públicos possam estar em menor número e sem recursos, eles amam o que fazem, mesmo não amando a atitude do distrito escolar em relação à educação das crianças.

Quinta Brunson

Quinta Brunson

Janine Teagues
Tyler James Williams

Tyler James Williams

Gregory Eddie
Lisa Ann Walter

Lisa Ann Walter

Melissa Schemmenti
Sheryl Lee Ralph

Sheryl Lee Ralph

Barbara Howard
Chris Perfetti

Chris Perfetti

Jacob Hill
Janelle James

Janelle James

Ava Coleman
William Stanford Davis

William Stanford Davis

Mr. Johnson
Zack Fox

Zack Fox

Tariq Temple
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Abbott Elementary11

1 - Pilot

When the staff relates their needs, Principal Ava presents alternative options.

Abbott Elementary12

2 - Light Bulb

Janine takes it upon herself to fix every problem when she notices a flicking light bulb in the hallway. Gregory asks Barbara for help talking to a parent, which leads him to spend his lunch period in an unexpected way.

Abbott Elementary13

3 - Wishlist

The teachers to ask the local community for new school supplies. Janine takes to TikTok and with Avas assistance, her video is a success and goes viral. Janine encourages Gregory to decorate his classroom.

Abbott Elementary14

4 - New Tech

When a new computer program is introduced at Abbott, Janine is excited to finally help Barbara with something. Barbara is reluctant to accept change and finds herself in a tricky situation. Melissa surprises Jacob.

Abbott Elementary15

5 - Student Transfer

After a negative teacher review, Janine gets a confidence boost when a student gets transferred from Melissas class into hers. Jacob tries to forge a friendship with an uninterested Gregory.

Abbott Elementary16

6 - Gifted Program

Janine convinces Ava to start a gifted program at Abbott led by Jacob. However, when some students begin to feel left out, Gregory and Janine put their heads together and come up with a solution. Elsewhere, Barbara pushes a hesitant Melissa to start dating again.

Abbott Elementary17

7 - Art Teacher

When the schools art teacher retires, Janine is thrilled when the replacement ends up being her best friend from college, but things quickly turn sour when Sahar gets in the way of Melissas class traditions. Meanwhile, Jacob and Barbara bond over their love for gardening and decide to start a school garden; but when it turns out they dont know how to successfully grow anything, Gregory secretly gets involved to fix all of their mistakes

Abbott Elementary18

8 - Work Family

After Jacob reveals a detail about his personal life, Janine realizes she doesnt know the other teachers as well as she thought; Gregorys stern teaching approach is causing his whole class to underperform.

Abbott Elementary19

9 - Step Class

Janine is thrilled when Ava asks to help her teach the after-school step class, but the two dont see eye to eye on how to run the program. Later, when Barbara, Melissa and Jacob plan an “eat-off” to decide who makes the best pizza in Philadelphia, Gregory is forced to reveal a secret

Abbott Elementary110

10 - Open House

Its Open House night at Abbott Elementary, and while Janine prepares to meet her struggling students mother, the rest of the faculty uses the time to relax. Gregory is taken aback when he learns how Ava got the principal job, and later, Barbaras daughters visit creates a commotion in more ways than one when

Abbott Elementary111

11 - Desking

When the students start participating in a new online trend that causes disruption to the school, the teachers band together to put an end to it. Meanwhile, Mr. Johnson provides comforting life advice to Gregory; and later, the teachers finally meet Jacobs boyfriend, Zach, who joins in to help stop the students “desking.”

Abbott Elementary112

12 - Ava vs. Superintendent

With the school board threatening to pull their funds, Janine and Gregory decide to help Ava out with her presentation in front of the Superintendent. However, their plan is derailed when a curveball is thrown at Ava. Meanwhile, Barbara offends Melissa when she doesnt agree with her blackmail idea.

Abbott Elementary113

13 - Zoo Balloon

While on Abbotts annual zoo field trip, Tariq reveals that he has been offered a job in New York; Janine struggles with a big choice; Barbara starts questioning her future after finding out her favorite tuatara has been retired because of old age.