A Lua Abraça o Sol
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A Lua Abraça o Sol (2012)

DramaFicção Científica & Fantasia

Yeon Woo, filha de uma família nobre, é escolhida para ser a Princesa Herdeira e futura rainha, mas os inimigos na corte tramam a sua morte. Apesar de ser dada como morta, Yeon Woo é salva secretamente por uma poderosa xamã e criada entre xamãs.. Ela retorna à corte 8 anos depois como uma xamã, sem memória alguma de seu passado, e o rei com quem ela deveria ter se casado fica chocado com a sua semelhança com a mulher que amava. Poderá ela recuperar sua posição de direito como Rainha ?

Kim Soo-hyun

Kim Soo-hyun

King Lee Hwon
Yeo Jin-goo

Yeo Jin-goo

Lee Hwon (young)
Han Ga-in

Han Ga-in

Heo Yeon-woo / shaman Wol
Kim You-jung

Kim You-jung

Heo Yeon-woo (young)
Jung Il-woo

Jung Il-woo

Prince Yang-myung
Lee Tae-ri

Lee Tae-ri

Yang-myung (young)
Kim Min-seo

Kim Min-seo

Yoon Bo-kyung
Kim So-hyun

Kim So-hyun

Yoon Bo-kyung (young)
Sunwoo Jae-duk

Sunwoo Jae-duk

Heo Young-jae
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A Lua Abraça o Sol11

1 - Two Suns and a Moon

Young Yeon Woo, the daughter of a noble family, attends a ceremony honoring her brother at the palace, where she runs into Crown Prince Hweon.

A Lua Abraça o Sol12

2 - Two Moons and a Sun

Yeon Woos brother, Heo Yeom, is appointed to teach the Crown Prince, who does not welcome the new teacher. Meanwhile, Queen Yoon plots a conspiracy.

A Lua Abraça o Sol13

3 - Like Petals, Like Fireworks

Nok Yeong senses an aura from the two girls at the palace; Queen Yoon orders her to read their fate to see whether one will marry the crown prince.

A Lua Abraça o Sol14

4 - One Sun, One Moon

Yoon Dae Hyeongs clan begins its plan to make Bo Kyung the owner of Kyo Tae Palace. Hweon asks Yeon Woo to submit her name to be the princes wife.

A Lua Abraça o Sol15

5 - Fallen Moon

As Yeon Woo begins the training she will need as the crown princes wife, Queen Yoon orders Nok Yeong to put a debilitating spell on Yeon Woo.

A Lua Abraça o Sol16

6 - Hidden Moon

Having accepted a great god to become a shaman, Yeon Woo loses memories of her past due to the shock. Meanwhile, Bo Kyung becomes the crown princess.

A Lua Abraça o Sol17

7 - Shaman Wol - Moon

Despite Nok Yeongs warning that she avoid strangers, Yeon Woo heads out to the streets when she learns that the king will be visiting the village.

A Lua Abraça o Sol18

8 - Shaman Who Absorbs Adversity

After nearly being rescued by a disguised Yang Myung, a captive Weol is dragged to the palace to act as a human talisman for Hweon.

A Lua Abraça o Sol19

9 - Moon That Is Hidden Beside the Sun

Hweon wakes up and furiously commands Weol to name the person who ordered her to spy on him. Bo Kyung is uneasy that a shaman serves the king in bed.

A Lua Abraça o Sol110

10 - Correspondence of the Dead

Hweon orders Hyung Sun to bring in the royal doctor to treat Weol. Bo Kyung is distraught by the relationship between Hweon and the shaman.

A Lua Abraça o Sol111

11 - Secret Love

Yang Myung stops Weol going to the kings quarters and confronts Nok Yeong. Her warning to not become closer to Weol leads to an argument.

A Lua Abraça o Sol112

12 - Road of Tears

Yoon Dae Hyung tries to find out the reason of Hweons secret inspection. Bo Kyung learns that the date of consummation is only three days away.

A Lua Abraça o Sol113

13 - Witch Hunts

After Hweon faints before consummation with his queen, a humiliated Bo Kyung conspires to charge Weol for practicing witchcraft and defame Hweon.

A Lua Abraça o Sol114

14 - Why Am I Dead?

Weol is sentenced to exile, while Hweon loses his leadership to bureaucrats. He visits Weol in jail and, hiding his heart, commands her to leave him.

A Lua Abraça o Sol115

15 - Once Again, Two Suns and Two Moons

Yeon Woo asks Seol about the situation when she was blessed to become a shaman. Woon dismisses the army keeping Yang Myung at his house.

A Lua Abraça o Sol116

16 - True Identity of the Moon

After meeting shaman Weol, Bo Kyung becomes terrified thinking that Yeon Woo has been resurrected. Later, some news from her past shocks Yeon Woo.

A Lua Abraça o Sol117

17 - The Sun Embracing the Moon

When burglars come to the Infirmary and attack Yeon Woo and Yang Myung, Woon and Hweon guard her. Yang Myung flees from the burglars with Yeon Woo.

A Lua Abraça o Sol118

18 - Bloody Precursor

Princess Min Hwa is pregnant after a long wait and goes to the palace to give Hweon the happy news. Hweon speaks to the queen of his final decision.

A Lua Abraça o Sol119

19 - Rebellion

Street posters convict the king for having a shaman in his bedroom and the clan of Yoon for having murdered the previous crown princess.

A Lua Abraça o Sol120

20 - The Moon That Embraces the Sun

When Yoon Dae Hyungs private army surrounds Hweon and his retinue, Yang Myung finds himself on the verge of killing his brother.