A Geração Golpista
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A Geração Golpista (2023)


Esta série examina o lado sombrio da cultura dos influenciadores digitais através de alguns dos maiores escândalos das redes sociais do nosso tempo. De grandes golpes a campanhas virais de cancelamento, veja como esses formadores de opinião acabaram na controversa mira de seus próprios mundos on-line cuidadosamente planejados.

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A Geração Golpista11

1 - XOXO, Grifter Girl

After encountering celebrity swindler Anna Delvey in prison, Danielle Miller -- once known as the infamous Swiffer Girl – tries to follow Delveys fraud-to-fame playbook.

A Geração Golpista12

2 - The Sinfluencer

After finding fame on social media, Jay Mazini is exposed as a con artist who will stop at nothing to keep his house of cards from crumbling.

A Geração Golpista13

3 - Fiber Feud

A war of words over the safety of the trendy F-Factor diet starts on Instagram and ends up with Tanya Zuckerbrot taking Emily Gellis to court.

A Geração Golpista14

4 - The Steroids Swindler

Bodybuilder Tyler Baumann reinvents himself as the juice-head influencer “Musclehead 320” and becomes the face of his own steroid empire.

A Geração Golpista15

5 - The Bad Momfluencer

The adopted children of Machelle Hobson grow up in a house of horrors while she exploits them on the popular YouTube series, Fantastic Adventures.

A Geração Golpista16

6 - The Con-fluencer

Wannabe influencer/reality star Tracii Hutsona scores her biggest payday when she takes her boss, a famous basketball players ex-wife, for over a million dollars.