A Gangue de Bogotá
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A Gangue de Bogotá (2023)


Inspirado em eventos reais, A Gangue de Bogotá expõe a ascensão de um grupo de amigos de Bogotá nos anos 80. A série segue uma geração em busca de sua identidade através da amizade improvável entre David e Léo, o irmão mais novo de Andréa, uma dos líderes do grupo.

Julian Zuluaga M

Julian Zuluaga M

Santiago Rodríguez

Santiago Rodríguez

Francisca Estevez

Francisca Estevez

Camilo Amores

Camilo Amores



Lady Dani
Camila Jurado

Camila Jurado

Luis Fernando Hoyos

Luis Fernando Hoyos

Gustavo Peláez
Sergio Herrera

Sergio Herrera

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A Gangue de Bogotá11

1 - Don't Call Me "Kid"

Davids dream is to be part of Los Billis, the gang of cool teens in his neighborhood. However, when David thinks he has a chance to join the group, he ends up becoming their victim.

A Gangue de Bogotá12

2 - Preppy or Billi

David goes to a Billis party for the first time. But the party gets out of control when a conflict arises against Los Bárbaros, Los Billis declared enemies.

A Gangue de Bogotá13

3 - A Double Life

To prove his loyalty to the gang, el Indio asks David to sell marijuana at the school he goes to. Anxious about getting caught and expelled, David tries a joint for the first time and Andrea helps him go through the bad trip.

A Gangue de Bogotá14

4 - Dream, Dream, Dream

David is finally a member of Los Billis, and he receives an invite from Mariana, the schools coolest girl, to her birthday party. Persuaded by Leo, David thinks that this might be his chance to have sex for the first time.

A Gangue de Bogotá15

5 - Are You Up For This?

While David is heartbroken, el Indio invites Los Billis to celebrate his new adult life at a bar, and Andrea learns about her boyfriends dark side.

A Gangue de Bogotá16

6 - A New Family

David deals with his parents divorce and the approaching move to a different neighborhood, while el Indio is squandering his money and living without limits. His excesses earn him a new enemy: the police.

A Gangue de Bogotá17

7 - Shot To Hell

Los Billis attend an intercollegiate band contest to support Andrea, while she debates whether or not she should confess her feelings to David. El Indio, feeling powerful for his success in micro-trafficking and his uncontrolled use of drugs, is about to face his greatest enemy.

A Gangue de Bogotá18

8 - The One and Only

Los Billis, worried about the disappearance of el Indio, begin to search for him everywhere. During their search they learn that el Indio had more enemies than they could have imagined.