A Família Baxter
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A Família Baxter (2024)


A primeira temporada de A Família Baxter gira em torno de Kari, filha de Elizabeth e John, que descobre a chocante verdade de que seu marido, Tim, está secretamente tendo um caso. Conforme seu relacionamento é posto à prova, Kari precisa buscar conforto em sua fé e em sua família.

Ted McGinley

Ted McGinley

John Baxter
Roma Downey

Roma Downey

Elizabeth Baxter
Ali Cobrin

Ali Cobrin

Kari Baxter Jacobs
Masey McLain

Masey McLain

Ashley Baxter
Josh Plasse

Josh Plasse

Luke Baxter
Emily Peterson

Emily Peterson

Brooke Baxter-West
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A Família Baxter11

1 - Under the Surface

A celebratory Mothers Day for the Baxter familys matriarch, Elizabeth, is disrupted when one of her daughters, Kari, discovers a shocking revelation about her husband, Tim.

A Família Baxter12

2 - Homecoming

Looking for comfort from family and friends, Kari moves back home with her parents. Tim looks to deepen his relationship with Angela. While at home, Kari learns that her first love, Ryan, has moved back to town.

A Família Baxter13

3 - Irreconcilable Differences

Dirk confronts Angela about her affair. Tim attempts to give Kari divorce paperwork, but Elizabeth intercepts it. Determined to save her marriage, Kari reveals an unexpected truth to Tim that could change their lives forever.

A Família Baxter14

4 - In Hindsight

After Kari reveals her pregnancy to Tim, Angela shows her frustration at the lack of progress in his divorce. Dirk continues to obsess over Angela. Kari spends the day with Ryan. John shares a profound message of hope for Elizabeth and his family.

A Família Baxter15

5 - In the Heat Of

Tims drinking spirals out of control. Luke invites Reagan to the Baxter family home for a pool date. Ashley has an unexpected run-in with an old crush from high school and Kari looks to her mom for advice on her marriage.

A Família Baxter16

6 - For Better or Worse

Kari and Tim decide to work on fixing their marriage. Luke and Reagan continue their courtship. Ryan gets an unexpected coaching opportunity that would take him away from Kari. Elizabeth sees an old friend with ties to Ashleys traumatic past.

A Família Baxter17

7 - Old Wounds

Five months have passed. Kari and Tim are in marriage counseling. Luke plans a fundraiser at church, but when Ashley unexpectedly arrives, old family wounds are reopened. Dirks obsession with Angela and Tim takes a dangerous turn.

A Família Baxter18

8 - Food for Thought

The Baxter family Thanksgiving is full of food and football with a side of drama. After showing up late to dinner, Ashley is confronted by her family. Luke tells Reagan about his best friends tragic death while Kari and Tim share good news.

A Família Baxter19

9 - Justin D. James & Jessie Rosen

As Christmas approaches, Luke seeks reconciliation with his sister, but Ashleys past haunts her. Kari and Tims marital bond grows stronger as Tim celebrates six months of sobriety, but an unforeseen event could shatter everything.

A Família Baxter110

10 - A Guide to Guilt

Ashley tells Elizabeth and John about the guilt tied to her involvement in Colton Ashfords death. Elizabeth celebrates the completion of the church nursery. Meanwhile, Dirk holds Kari and a guest hostage in her home.