A Cozinheira de Castamar
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A Cozinheira de Castamar (2021)


Clara Belmonte é uma jovem de uma família abastada que, após a morte do patriarca, um dos mais prestigiados médicos de Madrid, se vê cair na mais completa pobreza.

Míchel Tejerina

Míchel Tejerina

Roberto Velázquez
Michelle Jenner

Michelle Jenner

Clara Belmonte
Roberto Enríquez

Roberto Enríquez

Diego de Castamar
Hugo Silva

Hugo Silva

Enrique de Arcona
Maxi Iglesias

Maxi Iglesias

Francisco Marlango
María Hervás

María Hervás

Amelia Castro
Agnès Llobet

Agnès Llobet

Beatriz Ulloa
Paula Usero

Paula Usero

Elisa Costa
Jean Cruz

Jean Cruz

Gabriel de Castamar
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A Cozinheira de Castamar11

1 - The Essential Ingredient

Almost two years after a devastating loss, the Duke of Castamar hosts a big party. An agoraphobic Clara is forced to prove herself at her new job.

A Cozinheira de Castamar12

2 - The Night of the King

When the king goes missing during the party, Diego and his friends search for him. Meanwhile, Clara makes an unexpected discovery she must keep secret.

A Cozinheira de Castamar13

3 - Credo Ut Intelligam

Amelia has shocking news for Enrique. The queen asks Melquíades to covertly find an important document. A fire threatens Rosalias future at Castamar.

A Cozinheira de Castamar14

4 - Fly Away

Singer Carlo Broschi is invited to perform a concert at Castamar. Diego meets a young woman and Clara gets jealous. During the party, tragedy strikes.

A Cozinheira de Castamar15

5 - The Decision

Diego, feeling conflicted about his night with Amelia, turns to an old friend for advice. Claras guilt engulfs her. Gabriel is distrustful of Enrique.

A Cozinheira de Castamar16

6 - Where No Light Shines

Diego and Amelia celebrate their news but Gabriel voices his suspicions. Sol waits for her wish to be fulfilled. Enrique remembers a failed plan.

A Cozinheira de Castamar17

7 - So We Are Not Erased

When Clara is found unconscious, Diego insists on staying by her bedside, no matter the social implications. Amelia, however, wont be deterred.

A Cozinheira de Castamar18

8 - What Is Not to Be

Diego helps Clara search for evidence of her condemned fathers innocence. Enrique plots to frame Francisco. Amelia asks Elisa for a favor.

A Cozinheira de Castamar19

9 - The Truth

Amelia faces a serious complication with her pregnancy and turns to an unexpected source for help. Alfredo searches for a missing Gabriel.

A Cozinheira de Castamar110

10 - What Really Matters

After a wounded Alfredo reports back to Castamar, Diego desperately looks for his brother. Úrsula is tormented by someone from her past.

A Cozinheira de Castamar111

11 - Lub-dub

Diego resorts to kidnapping in an attempt to find Enrique so he can seek vengeance. Amelia acts as Gabriels caretaker and tries to lift his spirits.

A Cozinheira de Castamar112

12 - A Place for Everyone

The day of Diego and Amelias wedding — and Claras fathers execution — brings multiple last-minute surprises for everyone at Castamar.