ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister!
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ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister! (2023)


Oyama Mahiro, um dia acordou como uma garota graças a sua irmã que colocou uma droga em sua comida, após ter visto eroges a noite toda. Um anime de comédia sobre um garoto que se transformou em uma mulher...

Marika Kouno

Marika Kouno

Mahiro Oyama (voice)
Kaori Ishihara

Kaori Ishihara

Mihari Oyama (voice)
Hisako Kanemoto

Hisako Kanemoto

Kaede Hozuki (voice)
Minami Tsuda

Minami Tsuda

Momiji Hozuki (voice)
Kana Yuuki

Kana Yuuki

Asahi Ohka (voice)
Natsumi Hioka

Natsumi Hioka

Miyo Murosaki (voice)
Misaki Watada

Misaki Watada

Minori Shiina (voice)
Miyuu Takatsuki

Miyuu Takatsuki

Satsuki Takada (voice)
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ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister!11

1 - Mahiro e seu Corpo Disfuncional

Vítima incauta de um experimento de sua irmã mais nova, o recluso Mahiro teve seu corpo transformado no de uma garota pré-púbere, e agora terá de conviver com todas as características físicas e sociais do sexo oposto.

ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister!12

2 - Mahiro's Time of the Month

As Mahiro stumbles through his new life as a girl, he finds himself gradually beginning to get into the swing of things. Realizing this, however, prompts him to try and reclaim some of his masculinity. He tries, in futility, to engage his core and do a sit-up, but ends up with a stomachache instead. Seeing his condition worsen rapidly before her eyes, Mihari has an epiphany. She realizes that his pain may actually have something to do with fact that almost a month has passed since Mahiro turned into a girl...

ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister!13

3 - Mahiro's Close Encounter

Mahiro makes a mad dash for the bathroom, but when he opens the door, he finds the facilities are already occupied by a high school girl hes never met. This bold fashionista turns out to be Kaede, Miharis old classmate from middle school. Mahiro is initially a little nervous around her, but as he gets to know her, he learns how much of a nice person she is and becomes quite attached to her. Then, out of nowhere, Kaede asks Youve never done it before, have you? and begins to scooch closer to a puzzled Mahiro. I wonder what shes about to do next...

ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister!14

4 - Mahiro's New Friend

Mahiro loses to Mihari in a video game, so he has to do the grocery shopping this week as punishment. As an unemployed, good-for-nothing shut-in, the task at hand is daunting, but he plucks up the courage and makes his way towards the supermarket. The size of the crowd, however, makes his resolve waver and Mahiro finds himself cowering outside the store entrance. It is then that a young boy (?) around his age, wearing a baseball cap, comes to the rescue and offers him a helping hand. Thanks to the boys (?) help, Mahiro is able to buy the groceries he needs and is just about to head home, when Kaede suddenly shows up. Seemingly, out of nowhere.

ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister!15

5 - Mahiro Discovers Adventure and Social Gatherings

In a rare turn of events, Mihari wakes up one morning to find Mahiro has gotten up before her. Since the corner store was going to start selling clear files from his favorite anime that day, he had woken up early to go pick them up before they sold out. Mihari is overwhelmed with joy to see Mahiro going outside of his own accord. On his way back from buying the clear files, Mahiro stops by an arcade for the first time since middle school. Hes enjoying a rhythm game when suddenly he senses a man standing watching him from behind. A few minutes go by when he feels a tap on the shoulder...

ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister!16

6 - Mahiro Goes Back to Middle School

Momiji shows up at Mahiros house with her two classmates, Asahi Ohka and Miyo Murosaki, to invite him out for parfaits.

ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister!17

7 - Mahiro's Role-Playing Game

Just when Mahiro is beginning to get used to middle school life again, finals are upon them. Despite his initial blasé attitude, Mahiro finds himself reluctantly handing in a 80% blank answer sheet after having slept through the entire first exam.

ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister!18

8 - Mahiro's First Girls Sleepover

Its finally winter break and Mahiro is excited to get into his Winter Vacation Mode. Unbeknownst to him, however, Mihari invites Momiji and the others over for a sleepover. She hopes this will prevent a potential relapse into his old, shut-in ways.

ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister!19

9 - Mahiro Rings in the New Year

Its Christmas and Mahiro is shocked to hear his own little sister has a date. Unable to shake his unease, he follows her through the festive hustle and bustle in secret, with Momiji as his escort in tow. Who could Mihari possibly be meeting with?

ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister!110

10 - Mahiro Ponders Boobs and Identity

Its the start of the third semester and winter uniforms are now in effect. For Mahiro and the girls at school, this means braving the cold winter air in mandatory skirts. Who knows how Miyo will react when he and Momiji show up in matching scarves, too.

ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister!111

11 - Mahiro Pretties Up

Horoscopes are all the rage at school right now, and Mahiro is curious to see what all the fuss about. According to his forecast, an important occasion is on the horizon and he may be in for a surprise or two. But what occasion could it be alluding to?

ONIMAI: Im Now Your Sister!112

12 - Mahiro's Future as a Sister

Mahiro and the girls take a trip to a Japanese inn over spring break. First they hit the town in their yukata, before heading to the open-air bath to detox. However, things go south when Mahiro begins to feel a familar tingling sensation between his legs.