Isekai Yakkyoku
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Isekai Yakkyoku (2022)

AnimaçãoComédiaSci-Fi & Fantasy12

A história acompanha um jovem farmacêutico que morreu por excesso de trabalho em suas pesquisas. Ao ser reencarnado em outro mundo, ele percebe que faz parte de uma linhagem de nobres curandeiros da corte, mas que tem uma grande dificuldade em identificar doenças e tratá-las corretamente.

Aki Toyosaki

Aki Toyosaki

Falma de Médicis (voice)
Reina Ueda

Reina Ueda

Eléonore Bonnefoi (voice)
Kaede Hondo

Kaede Hondo

Charlotte (voice)
Shizuka Itoh

Shizuka Itoh

Élisabeth II (voice)
Kenji Nomura

Kenji Nomura

Bruno de Médicis (voice)
Maria Naganawa

Maria Naganawa

Blanche de Médicis (voice)
Genki Muro

Genki Muro

Apprentice 1 (voice), Inquisitor A (voice), Chamberlain (voice), Apprentice B (voice) e 3 mais...
Nobuo Tobita

Nobuo Tobita

Cédric Luneau (voice)
Yuu Wakabayashi

Yuu Wakabayashi

Minister of State (voice), Inquisitor C (voice), Inquisitor 1 (voice), Astronomer (voice) e 2 mais...
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Isekai Yakkyoku11

1 - Um farmacologista reencarnado e um mundo paralelo

World-class pharmacologist Kanji Yakutani awakens to find himself reincarnated in another world as Farma de Médicis. No longer able to pursue the cutting-edge drug research he did on Earth, he must adjust to life in this new world and in his new family.

Isekai Yakkyoku12

2 - Mestre e aprendiz

Having discovered a variety of new abilities and learned of the poor availability of medicine in this new world, Farma begins testing what he can do with Substance Creation, Substance Elimination, and his Diagnostic Eye. If he can master the use of Divine Arts, as well as his special abilities, perhaps he can help the people of this world the way he longed to do in his previous life.

Isekai Yakkyoku13

3 - O farmacêutico-chefe real e o farmacologista reencarnado

Farma accompanies his father Bruno on his house call to the Empress. He realizes he has the ability to cure her, but he cant do so without drawing attention that would put him in jeopardy.

Isekai Yakkyoku14

4 - A imperatriz e a carta régia

Farma continues to treat Empress Élisabeth II, which leads to an unexpected reward.

Isekai Yakkyoku15

5 - O cotidiano na Farmácia Mundo Paralelo e cosméticos

Farmas efforts to create a pharmacy for everyone, nobles and commoners alike, arent achieving the desired results. But with some help and advice from family and friends, Farma might be able to turn things around.

Isekai Yakkyoku16

6 - Irmãos e o mar

The de Médicis family visits Brunos newly granted territory of Marseirre so Bruno can be briefed on the situation there. The seaside location provides the perfect opportunity for a beach trip. Upon returning from Marseirre, Farma finds that his pharmacy is even busier than before. However, with this higher profile comes unwanted attention.

Isekai Yakkyoku17

7 - O menino sem sombra e os inquisidores

Farma confronts Grand Temple Inquisitor Salomon, and his sudden conflict with the Inquisition takes a surprising turn.

Isekai Yakkyoku18

8 - Influenza e o amanhecer na farmácia

Demand for Parallel World Pharmacys products continues to rise, exceeding the stores capacity to handle. Everyone would benefit if other shops sold Farmas new medicines, but the Saint Fleuve Pharmaceutist Guild strictly forbids its members from involvement with Farmas shop or his medicines. Farma searches for a way to expand access to medicine in this environment.

Isekai Yakkyoku19

9 - A história de um homem perverso

Things are looking up in the Saint Fleuve Empire, with Farmas initiatives improving the overall health of the populace. However, word arrives of a mysterious new illness that threatens to sweep the nation. Farma rushes to prepare for this frightening scenario.

Isekai Yakkyoku110

10 - A Peste Negra

With the Saint Fleuve Fair about to begin, Farma fights to keep the Black Death from ravaging the Empire.

Isekai Yakkyoku111

11 - O milagre em L'Estacque

As Farma works to save the villagers of LEstacque, the infected cargo and crew from the rogue ship get ever closer to the capital.

Isekai Yakkyoku112

12 - Aquele que ele não conseguiu curar

Farma reaches the capital only to find that plague is spreading swiftly through the city. Can he and the people of the capital get the situation under control and defeat this epidemic?