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In/Spectre (2020)

AnimaçãoComédiaMistérioSci-Fi & FantasyTV-14

Quando era uma criança, Kotoko foi sequestrada por um youkai. Esses espíritos a transformaram numa poderosa intermediária entre o mundo espiritual e o mundo humano, mas esse poder teve um preço: um olho e uma perna.

Akari Kito

Akari Kito

Kotoko Iwanaga (voice)
Mamoru Miyano

Mamoru Miyano

Kuro Sakuragawa (voice)
Manami Hanawa

Manami Hanawa

Black Komainu (voice), Aoi Tanio (voice), Anonymous (voice), Older brother (voice) e 4 mais...
Kaori Motoyama

Kaori Motoyama

White Komainu (voice), Miharu Harada (voice), Mountain Ayakashi (voice), Nurse A (voice) e 7 mais...
Genta Nakamura

Genta Nakamura

Ayakashi (voice), Anonymous (voice), Nameless (voice), Young man (voice) e 5 mais...
Misato Fukuen

Misato Fukuen

Saki Yumihara (voice)
Rena Maeda

Rena Maeda

Anonymous (voice), Colleague (voice), Waitress (voice), Yosuzume (voice) e 5 mais...
Yoshimitsu Shimoyama

Yoshimitsu Shimoyama

Ochimusha [Fallen warrior] (voice), Head of the household (voice), Karin's father's acquaintance (voice), Nameless (voice) e 4 mais...
Hiroki Goto

Hiroki Goto

Bake-danuki (voice), Oyamatsumi (voice), Nameless (voice), Old man (voice) e 3 mais...
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1 - Um Olho, Uma Perna

Shortly after her hospital visit, Kotoko meets Kurou, the young man she helped two years prior. She takes the opportunity to confess, she who has the appearance of a schoolgirl, who has one leg, a glass eye, and who communicates with spirits…


2 - O que a Serpente Guardiã Ouviu

Kotoko receives a request for help from a giant snake, who is the guardian spirit of Tsukuna Swamp. It appears that a murderer named Tanio Aoi disposed of a body in the snakes swamp, but theres something thats just not sitting right with the snake. After learning about Kuros powers, Kotoko asks Kuro to accompany her on this journey, but Kuro declines for a certain reason…


3 - Os Rumores da Mulher de Aço

Kotoko is asked why a suspect had thrown a dead body into the Guardians swamp and she starts constructing a story. This ends up being a rather tragic tale about Tanio Aoi filled with love and regret that the Guardian is also shocked to hear. Two years later, random acts of violence were happening in Makurazaka City. The suspect seems to be the ghost of the former idol, Nanase Karin…


4 - A Artista Morre para uma Barra de Aço

Kotoko arrived in Makurazaka City to take care of the incidents with Steel Lady Nanase and happens to run into Saki, who had become a police officer. Saki decides to research Nanase Karin a bit more and learns that the former idol had died a mysterious death. In order to defeat Steel Lady Nanase, they would need more details, but…


5 - Um Monstro da Imaginação

Kotoko happens to spot a man fighting with Steel Lady Nanase. She gets closer and realizes that it was actually Kuro that was struggling in this battle. Saki then also joins in and after talking with her, Kotoko remembers the story about Kuro when he was younger that he told her about. Kotoko realizes they will need a special method to defeat Steel Lady Nanase because she is not an ordinary spectre...


6 - Ficção Lógica

Kotoko realizes that Steel Lady Nanase is a spectre that was born from her own wiki site. In order to defeat Steel Lady Nanase, who is made up of peoples imaginations, she has to come up with a story thats more interesting than Steel Lady Nanases. Kotoko ends up asking Saki for help to defeat Steel Lady Nanase. She then meets up with a ghost that is at the site where Nanase Karin died, who also happened to see her die...


7 - Preparativos para Atacar a Mulher de Aço

Detective Terada is killed by Steel Lady Nanase. The Internet goes crazy about the fact that Steel Lady Nanase killing a person. Kotoko and Kuro discuss the matter and figure out the person who is truly behind all of this. So that there are no more victims, Kotoko decides to finish off Steel Lady Nanase that night.


8 - Ela Tece a Ficção

Saki remembers the first time she met Kuros cousin, Sakuragawa Rikka. Saki had heard that Rikka had passed, and tries to get more information out of Kotoko. Meanwhile, the forums on the wiki site become rather active again, making Steel Lady Nanases presence even stronger...


9 - Comissão para Atacar a Mulher de Aço Nanase

Everything is finally in place, and the committee to conquer Steel Lady Nanase is now in session. Does Steel Lady Nanase actually exist? Perhaps shes just a made up urban legend. A battle between the truth and lies begins to figure out her existence. Kotoko gets on her PC and starts posting her own deductions...


10 - Duelo de Ficções

Just as it looked like the site readers accepted Kotokos solution, it ends up getting shot down. However, Kotoko had another solution ready. In order to defeat Steel Lady Nanase, she unleashes a second and third solution, but Sakuragawa Rikka and Steel Lady Nanase continue to get in her way. Will they be able to vanquish the ghost?


11 - A Última Ficção

Kotoko came up with three solutions, but they all got shot down. Kuro keeps trying to grasp the future where they can defeat Steel Lady Nanase, but Rikka made it disappear once again. But Kotoko wasnt done yet. Steel Lady Nanase is not a ghost. What is Kotokos 4th solution that may finally put an end to Steel Lady Nanases existence once and for all?


12 - Aquela que Defende a Ordem

Yokai, ayakashi, spectres, demons, mononoke, and ghosts... Everything has order, and you must never go against the order. Kotokos fourth solution is accepted by the users on the wiki site and Kuro is able to give the final blow to Steel Lady Nanase. Will that be enough to finish her off?! And what exactly was Rikkas motive?