High Card
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High Card (2023)

AnimaçãoDramaAction & AdventureSci-Fi & Fantasy14

Depois de saber que seu orfanato está prestes a fechar devido a problemas financeiros, Finn Oldman vai a um cassino para ganhar uma fortuna. Lá, Finn se vê envolvido em uma intensa perseguição e até tiroteio desencadeado pela carta da sorte de um homem. Finn eventualmente descobre que a ordem mundial é controlada por quem tem um baralho de 52 cartas X, que podem conceder habilidades sobre-humanas. O rei de Fourland comissionou diretamente um grupo secreto de jogadores chamado High Card para coletar essas cartas, que estão espalhadas por todo o mundo. Esse grupo trabalha sob o disfarce de funcionários da fabricante de carros de luxo Pinochle. Agora, escolhido como o quinto membro do grupo, Finn está prestes a embarcar com o resto do pessoal numa perigosa busca em busca por essas cartas poderosas!

Gen Sato

Gen Sato

Finn Oldman (voice)
Toshiki Masuda

Toshiki Masuda

Chris Redgrave (voice)
Shun Horie

Shun Horie

Leo Constantine Pinochle (voice)
Haruka Shiraishi

Haruka Shiraishi

Wendy Sato (voice)
Yuuichirou Umehara

Yuuichirou Umehara

Vijay Kumar Singh (voice)
Kazuhiro Yamaji

Kazuhiro Yamaji

Bernard Symons (voice)
Daisuke Ono

Daisuke Ono

Theodore Constantine Pinochle (voice)
Tomokazu Seki

Tomokazu Seki

Ban Klondike (voice)
Shunsuke Takeuchi

Shunsuke Takeuchi

Blist Blitz Broadhurst (voice)
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High Card11


A blonde boy is looking around the people on the street. His name is Finn Oldman, and hes collecting funds by pickpocketing, using his extraordinary power of observation, in order to save the Sun Fields orphanage he grew up in from the land shark. But the pawn shop owner rejects his haul since they are stolen goods. Instead, he offers that he would buy the card Finn carries around. But this card is something Finn will never part with... He goes to the casino to get rich quickly. But this leads him to a mysterious fate.

High Card12


The man in a red suit, Chris Redgrave, is an employee of a long-established car manufacturer, Pinochle. Why is a car maker after the card? What does this card do? And who are the Klondike Family, the biggest mafia organization in the Fourland Kingdom? Confused, Finn is half-forced into working for Pinochle and becomes a member of High Card. Chris becomes his mentor. The two dont quite get along, but theyre on their way to their first mission together.

High Card13


Finn comes out of the tailor in a good mood, dressed in his new custom-made suit. But something rains on his parade: A young man gets kidnapped right in front of his eyes. Finn succeeds in rescuing him using Neo New Nambu, but is taken aback by the young mans attitude. Hes bossy and rude, looking down on Finn. But the kidnappers continue to come after this young man, and they seem to have their reasons...

High Card14


Wendy Sato has determined that she is going to walk the path of solitude, just like her father she admired. But its not so easy. Despite herself, shes late for work from oversleeping, and gets hammered at Finns welcome party. At this rate, she will not be anything like her father, let alone mastering the power of the ace of spades inherited from her father, Love and Peace. Thats when High Card is put in a tight spot by a player from the Klondike family.

High Card15


Detective Sugar Peace suspects Pinochle. The footage of them wrecking town is deleted from social media, and any investigations theyre involved are unnaturally cut short. She suggests at the station that there must be something going on, yet no one takes her seriously. When shes bothered by something, it keeps her up at night. So she decides to investigate on her own. In the meantime, her boss, Captain Greg Young gets in touch with two of the big names in town. And they turn out to be...

High Card16


The 5 of diamonds is put into an auction. This is one of the cards that were scattered all over the country due to the X-Blind when the Klondike Family attacked the Trapla palace. High Card must stop the card from falling into the wrong hands. They go on a secret mission to recover the 5 of diamonds on a luxury cruise ship where the auction takes place. But an extremely troublesome man for Pinochle, Norman Kingstat, is also participating in the auction.

High Card17


When Finn and Chris approach Chelsea Hammond, the player of the 2 of diamonds, Love Connection, she uses that power to stick their hands together. Chris, who has an important date coming up, chases Chelsea around all over town day and night with Finn to collect Chelseas card and undo the power. But catching a girl with no fixed address turns out to be not so easy. Not having been able to undo the power, Chris goes on a date with Chris in tow.

High Card18


To celebrate Lindseys birthday, Finn visits Sun Fields. While preparing for the party, a couple of kids start to fight, and it looks like it is due to Sam, a boy who joined Sun Fields recently. Finn sees his old self in Sam, and tries to be there for him. And Lindseys birthday party starts. Its all fun and merry, until Bobby Ball from the Klondike Family shows up.

High Card19


The royal family has been attacked before when they are expecting to have a coronation, and the eldest prince, Dylan Fourland, has been killed. The mastermind of the attacked seems to be the Klondike Family, who is not afraid to make an enemy of the country to get the cards. Threatened by this, Pinochle secretly orders High Card to immediately collect cards whose whereabouts are known to them. But Finn is nowhere to be seen. He seems to be crestfallen over what happened to Sun Fields. Chris visits Finns place to cheer Finn up as his buddy.

High Card110


Finn wakes up to find a woman standing in front of him. Her name is Aya Tawawa. She was a member of the first generation High Card, and is also a target of the secret mission for Finn. Aya happened to find Finn passed out and carried him in, but she feels a strange twist of fate with this encounter. She tells Finn about the incidents that happened with High Card, and what happened to Chris when he was young. In the meantime, Chris is being tortured by Jasper, and he learns that Alexander is going after Finn.

High Card111

11 - CHRIS

Why did Chris shoot Finn? Why did he steal the cards? What are his intentions? High Card is at a loss as to what to make of Chris puzzling behavior that turned him into a fugitive. Finn suggests that they find Chris first on their own, but Leo disagrees, since Owen Alldays, Theodores secretary, is working to secure Chris under the direct order of the president. In the meantime, the Klondike Family is preparing to invade as they try to rise in rebellion once again.

High Card112

12 - FINN

The Klondike Family makes a sudden attack on the palace. Leo and others have their hands full protecting Theodore and the royal family. Finn is apprehended by Owen on the account that he interfered with capturing Chris, and Chris drives off with Michel in the car. Then, Ban Klondike appears in front of Chris. Nhât, Sugar, Young, and Chelsea join the chase and the city is in absolute turmoil. Will High Card and Finn be able to stop Chris X-Hand in time?