Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja (2022)

AnimaçãoAction & AdventureSci-Fi & Fantasy

Uma carta da faculdade Kassel quebrou a vida calma dos jovens. O inesperado aviso de admissão, a entrevista assustada, o resgate surpresa sob a visão completa do público, e o dia da liberdade para mostrar seu espírito heroico. Quando Lu Mingfei decidiu escolher a opção oculta, os jovens comuns embarcaram no lendário caminho de lutar contra a raça do dragão.

Wang Xin

Wang Xin

导演 (voice)
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Dragon Raja11

1 -

As Mingfei struggles to reach Cassell College, the true nature of the school is unveiled.

Dragon Raja12

2 -

The strange college has suddenly turned into a battlefield, Lu Mingfei must keep himself alive while the dragon slayers display their strength.

Dragon Raja13

3 -

Lu Mingfei faces an unexpected test, and cheating might be his only option to succeed.

Dragon Raja14

4 -

The students of Cassell College will have to do everything in their power to rescue two of their classmates from the deadly City of Bronze.

Dragon Raja15

5 -

Low on oxygen, Ye Sheng and Akis only tool to escape the ancient city and its guardian is a constantly changing map.

Dragon Raja16

6 -

Lu Mingfei has been invited to the Student Unions dance, and he brought Finger along. Through one awkward situation after another, he will learn more about his peculiar classmates.

Dragon Raja17

7 -

In order to protect their school, Cassells students are now free to use their Yanling skills, even if it allows their enemies to do the same.

Dragon Raja18

8 -

Number thirteens mission takes an unexpected turn, Lu Mingfei must think of a birthday gift for Nono, and Caesar struggles to defeat his adversary.

Dragon Raja19

9 -

Two old friends unexpectedly reunite, while a dragon runs amok, the students must decide wether to hide or face the beast.

Dragon Raja110

10 -

The principal has a plan to deal with the threat against his school, and Mingfei seems to be an integral part of it.

Dragon Raja111

11 -

The Student Union has a mission, to track the Dragon King down and slay it. Lu Mingfei is asked to live up to his revered S-Rank status, much to his dismay.

Dragon Raja112

12 -

Exploring Nortons ancient palace, Lu Mingfei and Nono learn more about the ancient brothers, while trying to avoid sharing Ye Sheng and Akis fate.

Dragon Raja113

13 -

Mingfei and Nono must rely on their allies to escape the City of Bronze, while Norton begins his hunt.

Dragon Raja114

14 -

Equipped with broken weapons and a damaged ship, Caesar and the students are forced to face a vengeful Dragon King on their own.

Dragon Raja115

15 -

Trapped in Lu Mingzes vision, Mingfei needs to make a difficult decision if he wants to help Nono get back to the surface.

Dragon Raja116

16 -

Lu Mingfei must remember not to underestimate his opponent if he hopes to protect his friends.