Ars no Kyojuu
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Ars no Kyojuu (2023)

AnimaçãoAction & AdventureSci-Fi & FantasyTV-14

A história se passa em uma época onde humanos caçam criaturas gigantes para lucrar. Jiro, um caçador de criaturas, encontra Kuumi sendo perseguida e decide salvá-la. Juntos, eles investigam boatos sobre a humanidade e um experimento misterioso enquanto buscam descobrir os segredos do mundo.

Hina Yomiya

Hina Yomiya

Kuumi (voice), Experimental Body (voice)
Yu Serizawa

Yu Serizawa

Myaa (voice), Kaburi Tribe (voice), Dog Head (voice), Tiger Head (voice)
Toshiyuki Morikawa

Toshiyuki Morikawa

Jiiro (voice)
Hiromu Mineta

Hiromu Mineta

Meran (voice)
Yoko Hikasa

Yoko Hikasa

Romana (voice)
Asami Seto

Asami Seto

Tsurugi (voice)
Wakana Kuramochi

Wakana Kuramochi

Sharuto (voice)
Ryota Takeuchi

Ryota Takeuchi

Façade (voice)
Mayu Aoyagi

Mayu Aoyagi

Tōka (voice)
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Ars no Kyojuu11

1 - A Promessa Que Começou Tudo

Uma jovem fugitiva e um caçador apático se encontram por acaso, sem saber da aliança que logo os unirá.

Ars no Kyojuu12

2 - O Ritual da Aliança

Their pact grants Jiro and Kumi the power to defend the town from the giant beast. It also exposes their location to Imperial forces.

Ars no Kyojuu13

3 - Aldeia Chuva Longa

Low on supplies and with their escape route cut off, the three companions seek shelter in a nearby village. There, they meet a youth who dreams of becoming a Paladin.

Ars no Kyojuu14

4 - A Lança à Deriva

Jiro underestimates a mysterious traveler and loses his spear in a game of chance. She has an agenda, but what interest could she have with a Cleric and a Paladin?

Ars no Kyojuu15

5 - Teste de Força

Jiro has a violent history with the people of the mountains. When the group finds themselves in their village, the inhabitants challenge the Paladin to a test of strength.

Ars no Kyojuu16

6 - Uma Sombra Inescapável

Kumi dreads theres a connection between her and the red-eyed beasts. And when her friends try to help her, they may all end up with more questions than answers.

Ars no Kyojuu17

7 - Violeta que Evoca a Memória dos Chifres

Jiro was married once. Her name was Toka, and this is how their story began — and ended.

Ars no Kyojuu18

8 - Prova de identidade

Kumi used to be an empty shell of a person until a fateful encounter changed her life. Now, she seeks to save a counterpart from her cruel fate.

Ars no Kyojuu19

9 - O Guerreiro e a Curadora

Jiro and his friends WILL put an end to the Imperial experiments. However, they are not the only ones with the conviction to do what must be done. Conflict is inevitable.

Ars no Kyojuu110

10 - O Emissário dos Securians

Kumi and the others launch an assault on the laboratory to save the prototypes. However, Mezami hasnt come this far just to see his ambitions go down in flames.

Ars no Kyojuu111

11 - A Flor Fugaz

Kumi can either live the little time she may have left as a normal girl or continue fighting. Jiro and the others have their opinions, but what does Kumi want?

Ars no Kyojuu112

12 - O Julgamento do Anel

Giant beasts attack the people of Ars en masse, forcing everyone to fight for their very lives. As chaos reigns, Myaa prepares to unleash her trump card.