Aho Girl
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Aho Girl (2017)


Esta é Yoshiko Hanabatake, e ela é uma completa e total idiota. Ela adora bananas e adora a Akkun, sua amiga de infância. E é só isso! Neste verão de 2017, Aho Girl ganha sua tão-esperada adaptação pra anime! Assista e ela vai te alegrar, ou assim eu espero!

Rena Maeda

Rena Maeda

Kii Hiragi / Nozomi, Nozomi (voice), Kii Hiiragi (voice)
Yuka Iguchi

Yuka Iguchi

Kuroko Shiina / Tadashi (voice), Tadashi (voice), Kuroko Shiina (voice)
Taku Yashiro

Taku Yashiro

Ryouichi Kurosaki, Ryuuichi Kurosaki (voice)
Yoko Hikasa

Yoko Hikasa

Yoshie Hanabatake, Yoshie Hanabatake (voice)
Shiori Izawa

Shiori Izawa

Mamoru, Mamoru (voice)
Mao Ichimichi

Mao Ichimichi

Akane Eimura, Akane Eimura (voice)
Rina Satou

Rina Satou

Atsuko Oshieda, Atsuko Oshieda (voice), Otsuko Oshieda (voice)
Aoi Yuki

Aoi Yuki

Yoshiko Hanabatake (voice)
Tomokazu Sugita

Tomokazu Sugita

Akuru Akutsu (voice)
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Aho Girl11

1 - Ela chegou! Aho Girl

Hanabatake Yoshiko é uma garota idiota que ama bananas. Seu amigo Akkun tenta colocá-la na linha.

Aho Girl12

2 - Multiplique! Aho Girl

Yoshiko faz amizade com crianças, mas elas perdem a animação após Akkun contar a verdade sobre Yoshiko. Além disso, a irmã de Akkun encontra problemas com os estudos.

Aho Girl13

3 - Tranquilidade na velhice! Aho Girl

A mãe de Yoshiko critica a amizade de Akkun com Sayaka. Após tudo se resolver, Yoshiko decide agradecer um revendedor de bananas que mora longe.

Aho Girl14

4 - Investida! Aho Girl

Yoshiko leva seus amigos para um espetáculo de rangers, mas cria uma confusão.

Aho Girl15

5 - Férias de verão! Aho Girl!

As férias de verão começam e o Yoshiko faz plano com seus amigos.

Aho Girl16

6 - Um verão quente! Aho Girl

Yoshiko and friends arrive in Izu Atagawa, change into their swimsuits, and head straight for the waves. The disciplinary committee president tries to flaunt her precious rack, but fails and is buried in the sand as punishment by Yoshiko. Yoshiko goes on rampage and buries Sayaka as well, and starts sculpting some ------- and a ***** on them too!

Aho Girl17

7 - A gyaru! Aho Girl

Emura Akane, Shiina Kuroko, and Hiiragi Himeko are hanging out in the classroom after school when Yoshiko sets her sights on them. The girls, completely unable to read Yoshikos behavior, get roped into playing with her. They agree to play hide and seek in order to escape Yoshiko, but then...

Aho Girl18

8 - Como um anjo! Aho Girl

Nozomi, Masaru, and Mamoru go to buy snacks for their field trip, with 300 yen each as their budget, when Yoshiko tries to initiate them into the finer points of buying field trip snacks. Masaru and Mamoru follow Yoshikos teachings as they buy their snacks, but Nozomi buys a single expensive snack. Nozomis field trip will end dark and gloomy... or so they thought!

Aho Girl19

9 - Festival! Aho Girl!

In order to make the cultural festival that she looked forward to so much a success, Emura volunteers to join the cultural festival committee. Progress on the class attraction is slow, so she and her friends stay overnight at school to get some work done, but then Yoshiko enters the scene. The three girls try to get rid of her, but they get sucked into her game...

Aho Girl110

10 - Drive! Aho Girl!

Yoshiko goes out for a walk with her dog. But their walk is no simple walk. Yoshiko rides on her dogs back, and eventually they reach the mountains. A race breaks out between Yoshiko and her dog traveling at unprecedented speed and the legendary rider of the peak. Who will be the victor?

Aho Girl111

11 - Batalha final! Golpe decisivo! Aho Girl

Yoshiko finds her soldier, Ryuuichi, in tatters. Yoshiko asks what happened, and he responds that he was done in by guys who have wasted bananas. Yoshiko stands silently, anger boiling up from within. They are unforgiveable! I shall fight! Yes! For bananas everywhere! ...wait, bananas?

Aho Girl112

12 - Encontro... E! Aho Girl

Ten years ago, Yoshiko met Akuru. Childhood friends, the kid next door, the old cliché story, shattered into a million pieces with the tragedy which unfolds. Young Akuru seeks the power to defeat Yoshiko, surpassing his limits out of fear. What is born in the young Akurus heart?