Ace of the Diamond Temporada 1 Episódio 27

As the heat continues to increase, Coach Katoka declares that if Furuya even lets one batter on base, he will switch him out. At first this declaration provides Furuya the motivation he needs to get stronger, and his pitch gets faster. However Akikawa begins to use their bunt plan efficiently forcing Furuya to tire himself even more. With no other choice, a pitcher change is called for. Sawamura is called into action. After nearly throwing the ball away on a toss to first base, Miyuki calls for a four-seam fastball to the inside, the exact pitch Sawamura used against the coach the night before. We see the results of that pitch. Akikawa hesitates being unable to see his (Sawamuras) pitch due to his form, and Sawamura forces a pop out to third to get out of the 4th inning.