Ace of the Diamond Temporada 1 Episódio 19

A 3-set of matches takes place to end the training week of hell as Inashiro Industrial vs. Seido, Inashiro Industrial vs. Shuuhoku, and Shuuhoku vs. Seido on Seidos field. Kawakami pitches the game vs. Inashiro Industrial with Miyauchi while Tanba is forced to work with Miyuki. None of the starters play in the match vs. Inashiro Industrial, though Furuya is positioned in left field for the entire game. Inashiro Industrial brings out their starters for the second game, including southpaw ace Narumiya Mei. Mei already has a wicked slider, curve ball, and fast ball, but in the game he debuts a change up pitch that could make him unbeatable. Finally we start the Shuuhoku vs. Seido match. Through 6 innings Miyuki has Tanba throw nothing but curveballs and fastballs, but in the seventh inning Tanba debuts his new fork ball.