A Sombra do Batman
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A Sombra do Batman (2013)

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Batman, um vigilante da cidade de Gotham, luta contra o crime e enfrenta o submundo.

Anthony Ruivivar

Anthony Ruivivar

Bruce Wayne / Batman (voice)
JB Blanc

JB Blanc

Alfred Pennyworth (voice)
Sumalee Montano

Sumalee Montano

Katana / Tatsu Yamashiro (voice)
Kurtwood Smith

Kurtwood Smith

Lieutenant James Gordon (voice)
Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Barbara Gordon (voice), Oracle / Barbara Gordon (voice), Barbara Gordon / Female Reporter (voice), Barbara Gordon / Woman (voice) e 1 more...
Christopher McDonald

Christopher McDonald

Harvey Dent (voice), Harvey Dent / Weapons Seller (voice)
Wallace Langham

Wallace Langham

Anarky / Lonnie Machin (voice), Anarky / Lonnie Machin / Thug #1 (voice), Anarky / Lonnie Machin / Weapons Buyer (voice)
Michael-Leon Wooley

Michael-Leon Wooley

Tobias Whale (voice), Matatoa / Tobias Whale (voice), Tobias Whale
Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Lady Shiva (voice)
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A Sombra do Batman11

1 - Hunted

Batman stops two vigilantes from taking their revenge over a shady land deal. An aging Alfred hires his replacement: a female bodyguard named Katana.

A Sombra do Batman12

2 - Secrets

A new female villain, Magpie, kidnaps Batman, who must decipher her multiple personality disorder in order to outsmart her.

A Sombra do Batman13

3 - Tests

Bruce puts Katana through a series of tests to prove her loyalty; meanwhile Batman battles Anarky.

A Sombra do Batman14

4 - Safe

Introducing the prototype of his newest product to the entire world – the Ion Cortex, a powerful device capable of solving the worlds energy crisis – Bruce Wayne hires brilliant scientist Dr. Jason Burr to work on the project. The announcement also draws the attention of one of the most dangerous groups in the world – the League of Assassins. When one of the Leagues deadly assassins, Silver Monkey, attacks Wayne Manor to kidnap Dr. Burr while Batmans in Gotham, its up to Alfred and Katana to keep the assassin at bay until Batmans return.

A Sombra do Batman15

5 - Broken

A collection of new statues pops up around the Streets of Gotham and Batman and Lt. Gordon must work together to save the people trapped inside before the Notrorious Humphrey Dumpler (AKA Humpty Dumpty) destroys them.

A Sombra do Batman16

6 - Toxic

Batman tries to save Rex Mason from transforming into the villain Metamorpho after he mistakenly ingests a highly dose of toxic chemicals.

A Sombra do Batman17

7 - Family

Bethanie Ravencroft lures Bruce to the Argus Club in an attempt to steal the Soultaker Sword; Katana rescues him and Bruce reveals that he is Batman.

A Sombra do Batman18

8 - Allies

Lt. Gordon asks for Batmans help to recover his kidnapped daughter Barbara; Batman and Katana find a rhythm working together to save her.

A Sombra do Batman19

9 - Control

Katana saves Batman from Cypher , a part robot villain with the powers of mind control who is seeking the Ion Cortex.

A Sombra do Batman110

10 - Sacrifice

Batman and Katana are in a race against time to escape a chemical weapons facility before its destroyed.

A Sombra do Batman112

12 - Attraction

Magpie returns… and is determined to take out Batmans new partner Katana at any cost.

A Sombra do Batman113

13 - Fall

Jason Burr steals the Ion Cortex in order to make a deal with the League of Assassins.

A Sombra do Batman114

14 - Darkness

Batman makes an unlikely alliance with Silver Monkey to escape from the League of Assassins.

A Sombra do Batman115

15 - Reckoning

Ras al Ghul recruits an army of Batmans foes (Professor Pyg, Mr. Toad, Magpie, Tobias Whale, Phosphorus Rex, and Cypher) in order to eliminate him.

A Sombra do Batman116

16 - Nexus

Six months after the black out, new DA Harvey Dent is trying to put a stop to the mask and cape crisis.

A Sombra do Batman117

17 - Monsters

Batman and Katana team up with Rex Mason, also known as the Golem of Old Gotham, as they combat an increasing army of armored thugs that have been terrorizing several parts of Old Gotham. In addition, they also dodge Harvey Dents newly-created Special Crimes Unit, which is ordered to take down both the armored criminals and the vigilantes fighting them.

A Sombra do Batman118

18 - Games

Humpty Dumpty captures Batman, Katana, Gordon, Mayor Grange and Tobias Whale and makes all of them play his Murder Mystery Game.

A Sombra do Batman119

19 - Animal

In order to track a thief who has stolen a dangerous piece of code-breaking software, Batman has himself arrested and thrown into Blackgate prison.

A Sombra do Batman120

20 - Doppelganger

Batman and Katana encounter a strange Man-Bat creature, who is the experimental result of Pyg and Toads animal army of mutant humans.

A Sombra do Batman121

21 - Unique

An old friend of Bruce Waynes comes to him for help, when her father has been cloned by a mysterious organization to create an army of super soldier man hunters.

A Sombra do Batman122

22 - Hero

Desperate to rid the city of Batman, Harvey Dent allies with Anarky, who recruits a new hero to take Batmans place... Deathstroke.

A Sombra do Batman123

23 - Choices

When Batman and Katana are ambushed in the Gotham subway by Killer Croc, its up to Barbara Gordon to save them. Only one problem: Barbara is on a date.

A Sombra do Batman124

24 - Epitaph

When Bruce Wayne is assassinated by Batman, he lets the world think hes dead and goes in search of the imposter - The Bad Batman.

A Sombra do Batman125

25 - Twist

Batman continues to work in secret so he can find answers, while Harvey Dent recovers in Gotham Hospital. Blaming Batman for everything, he enacts martial law in Gotham.

A Sombra do Batman126

26 - Alone

When Alfred is taken hostage by Deathstroke in the Batcave, Batman must face him alone. Harvey Dent reveals his true nature as Two Face.